A Foregone Conclusion

As predicted, our pro-RKBA president — who would never put our rights under siege — is going ahead with the bump-fire ban. As urged by the NRA.

That is despite 193,297 comments, of which 85% opposed the rule.

Mostly based on physical reality.

So why is something this blatantly wrong — morally, constitutionally, and physically — going ahead?

“Why” is easy. 1) It’s the perfect lead-in for a complete ban on semiautomatic firearms. 2) Progressive Democrats and police-statist Republicans think they can get away with it.

The “how” do they think they can do this, how did a yammering pack of ignorami come to screech for it, is trickier.

Propagandizing media prostitutes, feeding utter garbage — lies, fake statistics, misdirection –to the masses.

Case in point: a Reuters article about Trump announcing the eminent rule fiat.

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Monday his administration is just a few weeks away from finalizing a regulation that would ban so-called bump stocks, devices that allow semi-automatic weapons to fire like machine guns.

They led with a lie: “fire like machine guns.” Which they don’t. It can sound like a machine gun, but the operation is pure semi-auto. And they know it.

Because I told them.

A year ago in Las Vegas, gunman Stephen Paddock used bump stocks on 12 of his weapons in a mass shooting that killed 58 people and wounded hundreds.

I called them on that claim, as well. No official report — and oddly, not even any unofficial leak which I’ve found — states what firearms were used by the shooter, with the sole exception of the revolver he used on himself. No ballistics data tying rounds fired to any specific weapon have been released to the public.

I told Reuters to provide a source, or retract the claim.

While machine guns are outlawed in the United States, bump stocks
are not.

While machine guns manufactured after May 1986 are outlawed in the United States, bump stocks are not.

Yeah, I called them on that bit of stupidity, which seems to be one of the secret-squirrel-official talking points being pushed recently. Reuters did fix that one.

One outa three ain’t… good.

The media magically made gimmicky training wheels into the weapon of choice of mass murderers everywhere… in an alternate reality.

In this reality, someone involved in the Vegas investigation told reporters that at least one of the shooter’s weapons was an illegal full auto conversion, in addition to the bump-fire stocked rifles.

Which would go far in explaining why bipods would be mounted on “bump-stocked” guns, when that would prevent them being bump-fired.

Within three days, bump-fire stocks became the designated boogeyman. Full-auto dropped from the narrative. Dropped. Never mentioned again, not even to say the person “misspoke.”

And that would far in explaining why the ATF — the official arbiters -gag- all things allowed and/or regulated in the firearms world… was not allowed to examine the shooter’s weapons. Admitting that the scumbag somehow broke existing laws to use real machineguns, and that the silly bump-fire stocked weapons were only emergency backup, would diddle the official OMG-ban-bump-stocks (and lead in for a semiauto ban) bipartisan line.

Trump gives a 2-3 week time frame for his new infringement. By the formal process, it could be as much as 90 days. But it is coming. What now?

Hard to say until we see the exact form of the rule. It sounds like bump-fire stocks will be — as expected — declared to be machineguns, which makes them illegal as they were manufactured after May ’86.

But Trump has been known to exaggerate -roll eyes- so maybe they’ll get classed with short-barrel rifles and shotguns; pay your money, keep your stock.

All I can recommend at this point is that you consider… compliance. The more malicious the better.

For instance, if the stocks are banned, and have to be turned in or destroyed, one might assume obsessive-compulsive bureaucrats will have a way to document that. Probably forms. Everyone might want to order a few… for every 200 stocks you “have.” Don’t forget spare forms in case you make a typo.

As for the stocks themselves? Just remember what a bump-fire stock really is. And every foot-long piece of PVC pipe that will fit over a buffer tube is a bump-fire stock. Dear Bog, my local Lowe’s has thousands of stocks.

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19 thoughts on “A Foregone Conclusion”

  1. OK. So What? I still don’t want one. I don’t want a lot of plastic AR 15 add on’s that do nothing but move my money out of my pocket and into someone else’s . In fact I’ll see your meaningless ban and raise you the AR-15 I don’t own or want. Oh I love guns. I just think the AR sucks. Now what? None of that changed anything, did anything. Made things better or worse. But thanks for the manufactured outrage over a banned plastic toy.

      1. So I don’t feel outrage over a “ban” on a stupid plastic toy? One that never did anything that I couldn’t do with my thumb and index finger., and that somehow makes me “clueless” and a “fudd”? Thanks for filling me in jackass. Mind you I’m a nobody, just an honorably discharged Vet. Who like millions of others learned to hate the Stoner rife when it failed me and almost cost me my life. So I guess I must somehow be stupid, else I would love the hillbilly hammer with all its million flaws. Now granted I’m an old man. Long past my best years . But I’m still willing to fight for my REAL freedoms. Like the ones taken away forever by the “Firearms owners protection act” of 1986. Or the 1932 NFA. or any of the other 22000 anti gun laws. I must be senile. Or I would care about your toy too. I just think that it takes time and energy(things that are in short supply) away from important things. Now stop being childish and spouting slogans like a brain dead communist, and make a good argument on why I should care.

        1. I did explain. I’ve been explaining for the past year.


          I see three possibilities: 1) You didn’t read any of that. 2) You couldn’t comprehend any of that. 3) You’re a Fudd who thinks this doesn’t mean anything about your rights.

          I suspect you never read the NPRM either.


          Or you might have wondered — if this was about nothing but a silly toy — why they had to lie about how how bump-fire stocks operate.

          Heh. “Communist;” that’s funny.

          1. I don’t know why Ray was so angry about the 1986 law or the 1934 laws. I mean, I myself have no conceivable use for a machine gun. Actually, nobody in their right mind would even want one. So I don’t really get why he is so angry with such meaningless bans.
            Now, I myself am not a veteran, and I do have to say, thank you, Ray, for your service to our country. However, your service to our country doesn’t make you right about this topic, sadly. I am sure you have never heard of the camels nose under the tent. But that is just one more nose that the gun control people have pushed under the tent.

          2. Ridicule . Strawman arguments. Marginalizing anyone who isn’t in lock step. Misrepresenting my distaste for a product to suggest that I support a ban. I guess that since you use Saul Alinsky’s playbook then communist doesn’t seem that far off the mark. I hate the AR -15. As a rife and a product. It does not therefore mean that I support any anti-gun law or ban. It just means I will never own one. (bump stocks are not guns . They are a totally meaningless argument) . Nor dose it mean that I support the NFA ban on “Machine guns”. That is just the “Spin” you would use to “win”. But after the lowlife tactics and plain old hate, and “othering” I have been on the end of in this conversation, it is obvious that you only want to talk in an eco chamber. Since I have never been a yes man or had any desire to be part of a circle jerk I’ll go away and not come back. Way to go making allies. Nobody gets to dictate what I support or spend my money on. So please just carry on without me , my money or my support. Shmuck. BTW: I own an AKM(Russian) a Galil and maybe 6 other “military firearms”. I just HATE AR-15’s. I came here thinking y’all were supporters of the bill of rights. Boy was I wrong. Don’t worry. I won’t come back.

          3. “(bump stocks are not guns . They are a totally meaningless argument) .”

            So basically, you didn’t read any of the background material (including the two specific links I gave you). Which means you have no idea of what you’re talking about. That is exactly what the proposed rule changes: redefining them them as “machinegun”.

            And I’m amused by your harping on the AR platform, as if that’s the only type of rifle that can take a bump-fire stock (hint: nope).

            (I carried the M-16, too; not the A1, A2, etc. I, too, hated it. But I finally decided that 50 years of refinements made some AR variants an acceptable firearm for my purposes.)

            “Communist.” I’m still giggling over that.

        2. Hi Ray,
          I am truly sorry that your issued rifle failed you, and I’m glad you made it. I’m not big on having a “bump stock” either. From what little I understand of them it would seem to be just about impossible to shoot accurately with one, and so I fail to see the point…….except for this…… The point of the citizen disarmament people is to vilify guns, and pass any foolish law they can, just so they can blame guns for what people do, and make something illegal. This moves the fence on our rights in, even if it’s only a few inches. Then there will be another law, and a few more inches. The goal of these people is to have us all clamoring for the removal of our rights, and to cheer and applaud when they are finally swept away. So, even though I don’t have much interest in a “bump fire” stock. I detest a law banning them.

      2. Yep. The fudds are useful idiots living in a utopian la la land and are Just as big a threat to the 2A as the looney left communists.

    1. First they came for the Jews
      and I did not speak out
      because I was not a Jew.

      Then they came for the Communists
      and I did not speak out
      because I was not a Communist.

      Then they came for the trade unionists
      and I did not speak out
      because I was not a trade unionist.

      Then they came for me
      and there was no one left
      to speak out for me.
      Martin Niemöller

      1. First they came for three groups with a long collective history of wanting to ban my guns; and I did not speak out because frankly I was conflicted and felt it was poetic justice.

  2. The pathway to hell is paved with good intentions. The Florida bump stock ban came into effect this weekend. The law was applauded by both Democrats and Republicans who wanted to virtue signal that they were doing something to protect the public from mass shootings. They targeted bump stocks because they are a novelty owned by a tiny portion of the shooting public. Most shooters look on these devices as absurd contraptions that serve no real purpose but to waste ammunition. For this reason, they were targeted under the presumption that there would be no political backlash.

    Our esteemed law makers fell in behind this law with no consideration for the precedent they were setting. Citizens were ordered to destroy or turn in their bump stocks without any form of compensation. Let that sink in. A virtue signaling majority just caused an unpopular minority to destroy or have taken from them, hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of private property.

    If this is allowed to stand, the ownership of anything can be deemed a hazard by the majority and you will be forced to destroy it or turn it in. The gaze of this law can be turned on anything to include ammunition, food or fuel. This law shout be understood for what it is. It is a confiscation act.

  3. 1. The NRA got Trump his start.
    2. Trump just put in a pro-gun SCOTUS pic.
    3. Mother Jones: Kavanaugh Defends Opinion That Assault Weapons Are “Common” and Can’t Be Banned.

    Which means it’s now possible that California’s (and others) “assault weapons” ban could be overturned by the SCOTUS and no longer an option for other states. But bump stocks – a useless accessory – is the hill the hill to die on even if it costs GOP elections. If that’s the advice of the author of this site, I’d say be suspicious of the advice you get here.

    1. 1. The NRA, which has blocked constitutional carry, pushed bump-fire regulation, backed “assault weapon” bans, etc, got Trump, who has backed “assault weapon” bans, waiting periods, etc, his start.
      2. Trump also supported no-due process ERPOs, and brags that he’s banning bump-fire stocks
      3. His SCOTUS pick might be a 2A originalist, but is bad on other amendments and can’t be trusted until we see what really happens.

      If that’s the advice of the author of that comment, I’d say be suspicious of the advice you get there.

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