Just Do It

“9X% want…”

Put up. Or shut up.

I keep hearing this. I’ve been hearing it for years, in varying percentages, but always something considerably more than a mere super-majority.

But if you question why, if 95% of freaking everyone wants PPYI/AWB/waiting periods/free bubble-up/rainbow stew, the legislators won’t grant that wish, you’ll invariably hear that the NRA somehow owns everyone (despite the fact that Michael Bloomberg alone pours more money into campaigns that the entire NRA/ILA) and are stopping commonsense tyranny.

Or ask why, when universal universal background checks actually go to a vote of the people directly via referendum, the vote has never — even in left-wing Washington — gotten within 30 percentage points of the claimed ninety-whatever-they-claim-today. And that’s when it passes at all.They mutter something about the NRA buying the vote… of ALL THE INDIVIDUAL VOTERS?

Where’s my pile of money? Someone’s remiss in payment.

These are alleged adults, but the “NRA” is a bigger boogeyman to them than childhood’s monster-under-the-bed and the thing-in-the-closet combined.

[And manages to miss the little facts that the NRA backed: NFA’34, GCA’68, FOPA’86, Brady Bill PPYI, “assault weapon” bans, no-due process ERPOs, and bump-fire stock bans. And blocked constitutional carry. A gun control ally like that scares them?]

So here’s another question for them. A recent proposal was made to implement a total ban on firearms of any type, by anyone, via zoning laws.

Yeah, pretty silly, except for being completely unconstitutional and in direct contravention of judicial precedent on the very subject of 2A infringements through zoning laws.

Even in California.

I digress. Here’s the question:

If all you hundreds of millions (95% of 327 million is 310.65 million) of folks want to be gun-free, why not form your own privately owned and operated communities, in which everyone clearly wants to be gun-free?

TL;DR: If so many of you want to be totally gun-free, why do you need laws, and what are you waiting for? Just Do It.

95% want universal background checks? Just stroll down to your neighborhood gun store and pay him to run it. You’ll probably pay a surcharge as well, for the firearm handling fee since the gun will go in his bound book.

95% want some class of guns banned? Just turn yours in to the local cop shop. Better call ahead. You don’t need to wait for everyone else.

95% want gun registration? Just fill out this form and mail it to the ATF for their convenience. (And that will make a nice metric to show that 95% really wanted it, when the ATF receives 310 million letters all at once. Right?)

95% want bump-fire stocks banned? Under the coming rule, those will be NFA items, so mail them to the ATF, too. (And another nice metric; the ATF should receive roughly 475,000 stocks.)

I’m sure Chicago South Side zip codes will be well represented in those voluntary mailings.

Just do it. No one is stopping you.

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2 thoughts on “Just Do It”

  1. Cognitive disconnect: It is simply ridiculous to believe that:
    1. “95% of voters” want a law; and
    2. It takes “courage” for an elected representative to vote for it;
    At the same time.

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