Someone at Gallup is getting fired

For approaching the truth.

In a few media outlets, the latest Gallup poll on weapons bans is getting traction.

Poll: Majority of Americans Oppose ‘Assault Rifles’ Ban
A Gallup poll released October 19 shows that a majority of Americans oppose passing a ban on “assault rifles.”

According to the poll, 40 percent of Americans support such a ban but 57 percent oppose it. Gallup notes that the 40 percent “support for an assault rifles ban is below the historical average of 47%.”

The numbers are news because they invert years of alleged surveys which indicated massive support for such a ban. For instance:

And yet, here we are in October 2018:

Gallup: In U.S., Support for Assault Weapons Ban at Record Low
In Gallup’s 2016 Crime poll, conducted Oct. 5-9, opposition now exceeds support by 25 percentage points, 61% to 36%.

“Damn it, Swift! Any time the numbers are pro-RKBA, you’re supposed to flip the chart over before releasing it.”

This may be the closest-to-honest poll released by Gallup in years, if not decades. I never believed the previous counter-polls because they never approached the reality expressed in actual popular votes, referendums and initiatives. This new Gallup poll comes closer to matching real-world voting by the people.

People “vote” in other ways, as well. Earlier this year, California reclassified crippled “bullet-button” rifles as “assault weapons” and required they be registered. It’s been estimated that only three percent (3%) were actually registered.

One might expect that registration compliance rate to be a little higher if even 36% percent of folks think they should be banned.

Gallup seems to have stumpled up, and accidentally released, the partial truth of majority opposition to confiscation schemes. But they still haven’t grasped the magnitude of opposition.

Three percent. Compliance. Consider that California laws essentially required every lawful gun owner to be licensed (thus registered), and all firearms sales to be recorded. 97% of registered owners with registered suddenly-assault-weapons blew them off this year. In California.

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2 thoughts on “Someone at Gallup is getting fired”

  1. Progressive Socialist Democrat Nazis DO NOT CARE WHAT “THE PEOPLE” WANT!

    They intend to outlaw the semi-automatic rifles that accept detachable magazines, that ENABLE THE CAPABILITY intended in the Second Amendment, specifically to TAKE THE CAPABILITY!

    Once they have sufficient majority to achieve “THE BAN” – THEY WILL DO IT!

    They do not care about your safety – you are expendable.
    They want you VULNERABLE.
    When they take your freedoms, your culture, and your money, they want you to have NO RECOURSE.
    They want to be SURE that you have NO CAPABILITY to DEFEND AGAINST THEIR TYRANNY!
    It is their TOP PRIORITY!


    It has already been proven at the state level that American Gun Owners WILL NOT COMPLY!

  2. So if you want the short range tactical equivalent of an actual burst fire assault rifle.
    Get a pump action shotgun and load with defensive buck.
    One trigger pull a burst of man dropping projectiles.

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