GA Gov-candidate Stacey Abrams: Ban Everything!

I wish I’d seen this yesterday.

Democrat Stacey Abrams: Banning Guns No Different Than Banning Radar Detectors
The host asked if she was really going to take away people’s guns, and Abrams responded by comparing bans on radar detectors with bans on commonly owned semiautomatic firearms.

She said, “I support a law that will ban ‘assault weapons.’ And just as when we banned radar detection, for example, some people turned in their devices, some people kept them and just refused to use them anymore.”

My perennial question: Do victim-disarming gun people controllers really believe the stupid claims they make, or do they just hope their potential voters are that stupid?

With Abrams, it’s really hard to tell, and probably a mix of her disdain for her constituents and her own demonstrated stupidity. I figure she is pretty representative of Georgia Democrats who “redacted” email addresses (from incriminating voter registration hacking emails by deleting the addresses…

… and leaving the redaction brackets linked to the email addresses.

Note to any GA Dem site visitors, particularly Abrams voters: Radar detectors are legal in passenger vehicles in every state except Virginia. And they aren’t “banned” there; it’s just a fine for having one in your car.

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4 thoughts on “GA Gov-candidate Stacey Abrams: Ban Everything!”

  1. Also, I don’t remember seeing any protection for owning a radar detector in the constitution anywhere. However, owning a gun seems to be spelled out pretty well.

  2. I don’t see what’s so crazy about her BAN PLANS – she’ll just implement the federal district court approved NY SAFE Act Template – where do you think Commiefornia got all their great ideas from. This is all nothing new – Americans should EXPECT the progressive Nazi democrat party to implement it everywhere they have enough of a majority to force it through. Only the Supreme Court* can save us now because police departments across the nation are very willing to ENFORCE the SURRENDER OF THE SECOND AMENDMENT everywhere the “laws” are passed.
    *(Or a shooting war)

    1. The thing is, we are not a democracy, where it is majority rules. If we were, gay rights, black freedom, women voting, many things may not have happened with a strict democracy.

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