There was a mass killing in Oregon Saturday night. The report says four dead, two injured (not including the alleged asshole, who was killed by a deputy).

Notice I said the report. That one is still light on details, so I started checking my usual news feeds, to learn more.

ABC: No.
CBS: No.
NBC: No.

Hmm. So I checked a few more outlets. An event with seven casualties normally makes the national news.

MSN: No.
CNN: No.

If any of those “news” services have the story, it’s buried well enough that I couldn’t find it. So I did a web search on “oregon mass killing”: Nothing. Doesn’t show up.

It’s almost as if those people don’t count, as far as the lamestream media is (not) concerned.

Drop down to the eighth paragraph in the report.

Jensen said the four people were not killed by gunfire, but did not provide further detail on their cause of death.

Added: Just for contrast, this killing also happened Saturday: 3 dead, 2 injured in murder-suicide, Jacksonville police say.

Same day, fewer casualties, but the killer used an evil gun, so it’s reportable.

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