Chicago sez: “Do as we do, because it works so well.”

Chicago mayoral candidate Gery Chico has a plan to fix Chiraq’s little “gun violence” problem: Force Indiana and Wisconsin to inflict Illinois-style victim-disarmament laws on their citizens, suing them if necessary.

‘If we can’t get Indiana and Wisconsin to work with us, we sue ’em’
Chico said more than 60 percent of guns recovered from crime scenes in Chicago arrive from out of state. Previous reports have attributed the largest share—19 percent—to Indiana, which allows gun owners to sell their weapons without background checks or a record of the sale.

I wonder what percentage originated in-state, from felons equipped with FOIDs?

I mean…

A federal class-action suit filed here last fall said 40 percent of firearm-related crimes in Chicago involved guns imported from the suburbs.

The number crime guns originating in Illinois — immediately around your bright shining city — is more than twice as much as those coming from the next leading state?

Let’s jump down that rabbit hole.

According to that report, 40.4% of Chicago’s crime guns do come from a single state: Illinois. The next closest is Indiana at 21.0% almost half IL’s contribution. From there, the next state is Mississippi at 5.1%, ahead of Wisconsin’s diminutive  4.0%. I wonder why he ignores MS? That state doesn’t have deep enough pockets to pick?

How much will the Indiana numbers jump if they were to adopt Illinois’ oh-so-successful model?

Chicago’s problem is Illinois. Maybe Chico should sue the State Police for giving felons FOIDs so they can buy those guns.

He passed the background check when he bought the gun, so I guess his felony was never properly entered into NICS.

What it looks like is that Illinois has created a a system for felons (or other prohibited persons) to verify whether or not they’re in NICS for just 10 bucks and no consequences.

“Hey, look, Jaquan. I got my FOID. My record didn’t make it into NICS. I’m clean.”

“Cool, bro. Here’s a grand. Go buy guns for the gang.”


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