Yesterday evening, more “random” bloodshed came to Europe, this time in Copenhagen. Twice.

A meeting on “Art, blasphemy and freedom of expression.” at the Krudttoenden Cultural Center was shot to pieces by a masked, athletic, man trying to emulate the Charlie Hebdo affair.




One of the meeting’s participants, Lars Vilks, drew a political satire cartoon depicting the Islamic Prophet, Muhammad, as a dog… eight years ago. Death threats have followed him ever since. Vilks was quickly moved to safety by his bodyguards. However, another participant; filmmaker Finn Noergaard, was less fortunate. He was murdered by the gunman.

Later that night, a twelve-year-old girl was hosting a party with her community. She was celebrating her Bat Mitzvah; the marking of her accepting personal responsibility for observing the six-hundred and thirteen commandments specifically placed upon the Jewish people at the revelation on Mount Sinai.

This joyous event, and the young participants’ very existence, was so determined to be so offensive that they were likewise targeted for death. An attempted reprise of the Hyper Cacher terror murders was underway. A guard stood at the entrance to the synagogue. His name was Dan Uzan. He was shot in the head, and later died, defending the celebrants’ lives.




Before sunrise on Sunday, five policemen were shot and an unlucky bystander was also murdered. The entire city is on virtual lockdown, and the streets are filled with soldiers with machineguns.



Police, who had the likely gunman’s house under surveillance, subsequently killed him at a nearby train station. Two others were caught at an internet café and led away in handcuffs.

There are about 6,400 Jews in Denmark, and falling.

There are about 270,000 Muslims in Denmark, and climbing. Forty percent were admitted as asylum seekers, mostly from Iran, Iraq, Somalia, and Bosnia. 2,800 are native Danes who have converted to Islam in recent years.

The Danish Prime Minister and the head of their Intelligence department have broken ranks with many other European leaders’ sorry tradition of obfuscation and cowardice, plainly declaring the act as Islamic terrorism.

One other hopeful factor exists. As a commentator duly noted; “Denmark is not Sweden”. He points out that Denmark has nearly four-hundred-thousand skilled private marksmen in a broad selection of gun clubs. There are over one million firearms in their hands.

No wonder the Danish government seems to be taking this seriously. This mess will only end one way. And, it will be bloody.

Rabbi Menachem Margolin should have never backed down, no matter what the groveling Ghetto-Yidden say. He should double down, pressuring for streamlined firearms access, right now.


Jew with Gun


He should also quietly coordinate with his fellow Chabad shluchim, across Europe to help anyone interested in Aliyah with leaving, and soon.


5 thoughts on “Copenhagen”

  1. I am informed that the bottom photo (intended as a representation of an idea) is of Nashville firearms dealer Bill Bernstein. The photo is by Eric England.

  2. Perhaps nobody has noticed….but these (people) want to take over the world and would not be the least reluctant in killing you and your family. It is past time to (insert replacement text from the Talmud which conveys intended emotion and policy suggestion…Habah l’hargecha hashkem l’hargo — “If someone is coming to kill you, rise against him and kill him first. However, it should never be done with glee.” Y.B.)

  3. Sorry for the reluctantly made but necessary edit, Ms. Grunch. I hope the changes adequately convey your intended meaning reasonably well. 😉

  4. As you, my Jewish brothers would say, “G_d Bless Rabbi Menachem Margolin”.
    All Jews and all free people, should own guns, no matter what the law says. Did the law save the Jews from the evil nazis ? On the contrary, the law disarmed and murdered them.
    Does the law protect one’s loved ones from terror attacks ? No.
    Sure, work for legal ownership if you wish. But in the mean time, get a gun and practice to use it safely. Be ready to protect your families. (signed) Loog Moog- a non-Jewish friend

  5. A conversation with a lady in one of my classes: We support the 2nd Amendment, we just think all the guns should be registered so they don’t fall into the wrong hands.
    Me: Might do a internet search on Nuremberg Laws and Universal Background Checks and compare.

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