Stubborn European Traditions


Rabbi Menachem Margolin, Chabad Lubavitch shaliach, and head of the European Jewish Association, about which I have written both in praise and in criticism, has a new badge of honor.  Someone specifically wants him DEAD.

Israel’s Channel 10 reports that someone calling themselves Richard Wright wrote, “Menachem Margolin will be a dead man if he does not stop. We will stick a bullet in his head,” on Rabbi Margolin’s Facebook page.

The post was luridly Jew-Hating, replete with a selection of curses.

Clearly, someone does not want Jews in Europe armed, nor able to leave Europe.  Well… not alive, anyway.

Some traditions die hard, don’t they?



2 thoughts on “Stubborn European Traditions”

  1. He’s back in Newsweek:

    A brief quote regarding his original letter and renewed call:

    “However, the rabbi says that his letter did not draw “a real response” from any of the governments he contacted, and instead he simply received an automatic refusal of his request, a sign, he says, that European governments are not taking the threat of antisemitism seriously enough.

    “The government is unable to protect its citizens,” he says. “Jewish institutions are a main target, and we need them to monitor and fight against antisemitism, but governments do not understand the situation.”

    “The serious demand is that every Jewish institution is protected 24/7. When I pick up my son at the synagogue I want to make sure that he is there and he is alive. It is a very basic request.”

    I disagree with one point. These governments DO understand the situation, completely. As to the Jews… they do not give a rat’s ass. They never did and never will.

  2. At least if he ends up getting guards he will not be like the hypocrite Bloomberg who calls for everyone else to be a vulnerable victim.

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