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Half-Witt or Full Liar?

Oregon Rep. Brad Witt has a little accuracy problem.

Rep. Witt advocates for new gun legislation in Oregon
The state representative for District 31 confirmed Wednesday that he’s considering a package of bills that would, among other things, raise the age for purchasing semiautomatic weapons.

What about raising the age for other constitutionally guaranteed rights?

He’d also like to see bump stocks outlawed. Bump stocks — devices that can be attached to a semiautomatic weapons to increase their firing speed

That again. Ignorance, or deception?

“Bump stocks elevate the level of fire on a firearm to something very close and akin to an automatic weapon that was outlawed many decades ago during prohibition,” Witt said.

I emailed Witt to point out that he doesn’t understand bump-fire stocks, and to tell him automatic weapons are not “outlawed” federally or in Oregon. His reply:

Hey Carl…..absent a federal stamp, it’s illegal to carry a full auto in Oregon. You might want to check into the federal law.


He knows about tax stamps? Oh ho. So he knows about the NFA. That means he knows darned well that automatic weapons are regulated, not outlawed.

I haven’t determined if he’s a half-wit, but he just proved himself a liar.

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