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Are they really that stupid?

Over the years, we’ve heard a lot of ridiculousness coming from gun grabbers. Anything from calling regular ole black rifles “assault” weapons to screeching about hip-fired weapons that can “spray” bullets to cause death and mayhem.

A couple of years ago, the husband and I went to see the last GI Joe movie (don’t judge!). It was as awful and badly written and acted as one would expect. At one point a female Soldier referred to a “Kalishnikov,” which caused me to jump up in the middle of the crowded theater and yell, “It’s KALASHNIKOV, you dumb b@!ch!” No, I didn’t get tossed out of the theater, but I did get a few amused (and bemused) looks.

To this day, if my employees want to make my head explode, they simply refer to the rifle as a “Kalishnikov” and watch my eyes pop out of my head.


Remember the now-infamous Everytown graphic depicting an entire cartridge flying out of the muzzle of a gun?

Remember how any number of firearms or boxes of ammo found in the home of a criminal is automatically referred to as an “arsenal,” by the compliant press corps?

Yes, I’ve actually had a retired  ATF agent at a “Gun Violence Forum” in Arlington refer to a magazine as a “clip,” and when I called him on it on the sidelines, he waved me off and said, “you know what I mean.”

So using last week’s poll as a jumping point, I started to wonder what is the best/worst/most egregious gun flub you’ve heard over the years?

Tell us in comments if your choice isn’t included.