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Are they really that stupid?

Over the years, we’ve heard a lot of ridiculousness coming from gun grabbers. Anything from calling regular ole black rifles “assault” weapons to screeching about hip-fired weapons that can “spray” bullets to cause death and mayhem.

A couple of years ago, the husband and I went to see the last GI Joe movie (don’t judge!). It was as awful and badly written and acted as one would expect. At one point a female Soldier referred to a “Kalishnikov,” which caused me to jump up in the middle of the crowded theater and yell, “It’s KALASHNIKOV, you dumb b@!ch!” No, I didn’t get tossed out of the theater, but I did get a few amused (and bemused) looks.

To this day, if my employees want to make my head explode, they simply refer to the rifle as a “Kalishnikov” and watch my eyes pop out of my head.


Remember the now-infamous Everytown graphic depicting an entire cartridge flying out of the muzzle of a gun?

Remember how any number of firearms or boxes of ammo found in the home of a criminal is automatically referred to as an “arsenal,” by the compliant press corps?

Yes, I’ve actually had a retired  ATF agent at a “Gun Violence Forum” in Arlington refer to a magazine as a “clip,” and when I called him on it on the sidelines, he waved me off and said, “you know what I mean.”

So using last week’s poll as a jumping point, I started to wonder what is the best/worst/most egregious gun flub you’ve heard over the years?

Tell us in comments if your choice isn’t included.


It’s about time!

We just got word yesterday that New Jersey governor Chris Christie has finally signed a pardon for Shaneen Allen, who was arrested in October 2013 for carrying her legally-owned pistol from Pennsylvania to New Jersey.

All we have to say is, “what took him so long?”

Allen says she wasn’t aware that her legally-purchased, legally-concealed firearm was not legal to carry in New Jersey.  During a routine traffic stop, she dutifully informed the officer that she had what she thought was a legally-carried pistol in her car.

She was then arrested and charged with unlawful possession of a weapon and hollow-point bullets which were in the gun – a second-degree felony in New Jersey, which holds a minimum sentence of three-years in prison.

Make no mistake. This young, single mother was punished for being honest, and doing what she felt was the right thing.  “The judge tried to tell me that telling the truth messed me up, my life up and the cop said the same thing. Me opening my mouth and speaking out he said I’m one out of ten people that spoke up and was honest and that got me in trouble.”

Initially, the prosecutor in the case was going to throw the book at this young lady. Then – after a considerable amount of blowback, which included a comparison to the slap on the wrist received by NFL’s Ray Rice for cold-cocking his now-wife in an elevator in Atlantic City – the prosecutor decided to revisit his decision.

Through all of this Christie stayed silent. It’s well known the porcine tyrant supports the state’s absurd gun control laws, and now that he’s thinking about advancing his political career and implanting his corpulent fourth point of contact in the White House, it sure wouldn’t look good for him to stand idly by while the appointed prosecutorial swine raked a woman over the coals for a victimless crime.

Good for Ms. Allen! I’m glad she was cleared of both the gun possession charge and the related ammunition charge.

At the same time, that cynical part of me wants to flip Christie that international body language sign that tells him what I really think of this opportunistic move! He’s responsible for what I’m fairly sure was a year and a half of Allen’s life spent stressing over whether or not she would go to prison, whether or not she would wind up with a criminal record, whether or not she would be forever branded as a felon and have her life ruined!

He could have done this a long time ago, but hey… aren’t elections coming up soon?



A Few Questions About Jaylen Fryberg

A shooting at the Marysville-Pilchuk High School in Washington state has resulted in a familiar deluge of cries for MOAR GUNZ CONTROLZ from the gun grabber camp.

The Zelman Twitter feed is rife with #gunsense #notonemore #enough #stoptheNRA hashtags, and the Mad Moms Demanding Attention have once again robotically began to retweet their leader Shannon Watts’ snarky calls for more gun control.

Note the dismissive, arrogant, sarcastic tone about the tragedy. Very much typical of Shannon’s normal MO.

And mind you, the calls started before anyone knew exactly what happened, who the shooter was, where he got the gun, or why he went on a rampage.

Soon, details began to emerge, and a picture is beginning to take form.

The shooter has been identified as 14-year-old Jaylen Fryberg, who took his own life after shooting several classmates, two of whom were his cousins.

Tweets he posted prior to his rampage show a kid who was obviously angry at a break-up, upset, and threatening others.

He was suspended from the football team prior to his rampage after getting into a fight about “racist comments,” directed toward him, according to the Daily Mail.

Jaylen was too young to legally buy the handgun he used to murder his classmates, so he took his father’s gun and proceeded to shoot his cousins and classmates.

Let’s put aside the obvious – that the “universal background checks” the Mad Moms are demanding would have done nothing to stop Jaylen’s actions. He stole the legally-owned gun from his dad.

The bigger question was: where were the parents?

Why were they not following their son’s social media posts?

And if they were, why were they not concerned about the violent nature of a number of his Twitter posts, and the pain this kid was obviously feeling?

And if they were concerned, why didn’t they get him some help, or at the very least lock up their firearms until the kid either explained his angst-ridden, violent statements or got some help.

As a mom,  have full access to my son’s social media. We talk. We discuss his life. We find the time to chat each night, even if he’s working or swamped with homework. I guarantee you that if I suspected my son’s mental condition was deteriorating, the first thing I would do is get him help, and the second thing I would do is ensure his access to firearms was revoked until things were cleared up.

My house. My rules. He has full access to guns, and he is very proficient with them. But the moment I suspect something is wrong, that access goes away.

So where were the parents?

Why did this obviously depressed kid grab a pistol that belonged to his father and head on over to the school to commit murder and ultimately suicide?

Why are the Mad Mommies not discussing the roots of this problem, rather than trying to use the tragedy to push their political agenda?

Wouldn’t you think that if they were truly interested in helping kids, they would focus on the true causes of these shootings, rather than merely using them as agitprops in their senseless disarmament campaign?

Shannon Watts’ snarky tweet and the renewed drumbeat for more control and punishment for people who didn’t commit this senseless act of violence, once again confirms that the Bloombergian Stepford Moms’ mission has nothing to do with protecting children and everything to do with imposing Bloomberg’s nanny statism on their fellow Americans.