A Few Questions About Jaylen Fryberg

A shooting at the Marysville-Pilchuk High School in Washington state has resulted in a familiar deluge of cries for MOAR GUNZ CONTROLZ from the gun grabber camp.

The Zelman Twitter feed is rife with #gunsense #notonemore #enough #stoptheNRA hashtags, and the Mad Moms Demanding Attention have once again robotically began to retweet their leader Shannon Watts’ snarky calls for more gun control.

Note the dismissive, arrogant, sarcastic tone about the tragedy. Very much typical of Shannon’s normal MO.

And mind you, the calls started before anyone knew exactly what happened, who the shooter was, where he got the gun, or why he went on a rampage.

Soon, details began to emerge, and a picture is beginning to take form.

The shooter has been identified as 14-year-old Jaylen Fryberg, who took his own life after shooting several classmates, two of whom were his cousins.

Tweets he posted prior to his rampage show a kid who was obviously angry at a break-up, upset, and threatening others.

He was suspended from the football team prior to his rampage after getting into a fight about “racist comments,” directed toward him, according to the Daily Mail.

Jaylen was too young to legally buy the handgun he used to murder his classmates, so he took his father’s gun and proceeded to shoot his cousins and classmates.

Let’s put aside the obvious – that the “universal background checks” the Mad Moms are demanding would have done nothing to stop Jaylen’s actions. He stole the legally-owned gun from his dad.

The bigger question was: where were the parents?

Why were they not following their son’s social media posts?

And if they were, why were they not concerned about the violent nature of a number of his Twitter posts, and the pain this kid was obviously feeling?

And if they were concerned, why didn’t they get him some help, or at the very least lock up their firearms until the kid either explained his angst-ridden, violent statements or got some help.

As a mom,  have full access to my son’s social media. We talk. We discuss his life. We find the time to chat each night, even if he’s working or swamped with homework. I guarantee you that if I suspected my son’s mental condition was deteriorating, the first thing I would do is get him help, and the second thing I would do is ensure his access to firearms was revoked until things were cleared up.

My house. My rules. He has full access to guns, and he is very proficient with them. But the moment I suspect something is wrong, that access goes away.

So where were the parents?

Why did this obviously depressed kid grab a pistol that belonged to his father and head on over to the school to commit murder and ultimately suicide?

Why are the Mad Mommies not discussing the roots of this problem, rather than trying to use the tragedy to push their political agenda?

Wouldn’t you think that if they were truly interested in helping kids, they would focus on the true causes of these shootings, rather than merely using them as agitprops in their senseless disarmament campaign?

Shannon Watts’ snarky tweet and the renewed drumbeat for more control and punishment for people who didn’t commit this senseless act of violence, once again confirms that the Bloombergian Stepford Moms’ mission has nothing to do with protecting children and everything to do with imposing Bloomberg’s nanny statism on their fellow Americans.


6 thoughts on “A Few Questions About Jaylen Fryberg”

  1. Off-topic question, sorry:

    I was renewing all my pro-2A organization memberships yesterday (NRA, SAF, AzCDL) and hesitated at the JPFO page. Are they still a going concern? Their web page is still up, and appears to be accepting donations/memberships (I haven’t sent anything yet), but will renewing membership actually accomplish anything? Both in terms of a credit transaction, and political support? Who actually owns/runs them now?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi, Pave – Good to see you here.

      The easy answer is that JPFO is still around and is now owned by the Second Amendment Foundation. The more complicated answer can be found here, here, and here. Claire has also written about the merger. Also here.

      Ultimately, whether or not to renew the membership is entirely up to you. I’m just arming you with the information to go forward.

  2. This is the way I see these…..people who insanely attack people who are pro gun

    Abrogate; they don’t want to deal it, may have to face their own …….
    Convience; lazyness, to easy for government to control others by legisltion.
    Emotion; rules their world.
    Side effect; Looniness

    I may be wrong but these are the thoughts that ran across my mind after reading your blog.:-)

  3. “So where were the parents?”
    Finally someone who makes a critical observation! Thank you, Nicki.

    I have been harping on this very issue with my wife and friends but felt like I was the only one noticing this glaring problem. In too many of these shootings a child is getting his hands on a gun. Why the hell aren’t the parents being held legally (criminally?) liable for not keeping their guns out of the hands of their children? Why aren’t the media asking these questions instead of screaming for gun control?

    If a kid steals his parent’s car and goes out and kills someone with it, no one demands all car owners be deprived of their cars. Yet, the gun control nuts demand all guns be taken away because someone uses a gun to kill someone else. Last time I checked, a lot more people die in car crashes than die in shootings. Hello! How about using a little logic here?

    (Thanks for letting me vent.)

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