Someone certainly is crazy

The Emoter-in-Chief has been whining again.

Obama Slams ’Crazy’ Gun Rights Activists After Terror Attack In Orlando
“The fact that we make it this challenging for law enforcement, for example, even to get — to get alerted that somebody who they are watching has purchased a gun, and if they do get alerted, sometimes it’s hard for them to stop them from getting a gun, is crazy. It’s a problem,” Obama said in the Oval Office today.

That’s so irrational on so many levels. Notifying the feds of a prohibited person trying to buy a gun from a dealer is pretty easy… since the feds are the ones doing the background checks. But if the person isn’t prohibited, how is anyone supposed to know he’s double-secret prohibited? Of course, this is a set up for a secret “no-buy” terrorist watch list, similar to the no-fly list to which people get anonymously added for the darnedest reasons.

But let’s say they inflict no-process presumed guilt on America (more so, I mean, and the Orlando Asshole strolls in to buy a gun…

…and walks out with it because he was not under investigation, and hadn’t been for years. Possibly he should have been, but that’s hardly the dealer’s problem.

All right, all right. We’ll pretend he was under investigation and was on the nonexistent (fingers crossed) no-buy list. He gets rejected, the feds are notified…

And they do nothing. Except maybe curse about how the suspect now knows he’s being investigated. So we’ll leave out the part where our sexually confused protagonist gets notified. To keep the secret, the dealer will have to complete the sale. No doubt the feds will schedule him for a pick-up in a few days, and take that gun.

Oh. Wait. By that time he already shot up the helpless nightclubbers.

So tell us again, Barrycade, exactly what are you proposing to prevent another Orlando?

Moving on:

Obama complained out that the shooter was able to purchase weapons legally, even though he had been investigated by the F.B.I. for connections to radicalization but didn’t have a criminal record.

Darn that stupid presumed innocence! And closed investigations! No one being investigated — past, present, and probably in Obama’s mind future — by the FBI should be allowed a constitutional right. Or get an endorsement for a presidential campaign. Never mind.

“It appear that is one of those weapons he was able to just carry out of the store, an assault rifle — a handgun, a Glock, which had a lot of clips in it,” Obama said.

giggle- First off, the SIG MCX, as sold to civilians in America, is not an assault rifle. (And for the record, it isn’t even an AR-15-pattern rifle, since it uses a very different action; a forward assist does not an AR make.)

Now that Glock stuffed full of clips… Having used a variety of Glocks, including the Glock 17 that Ass-boy is reported to have possessed, I can attest that they run very,very poorly when stuffed with junk. Typically, you get the best results when you inserted a single loaded magazine. A bunch of paper clips, tie clips, stripper clips, whatever, will jam it. Possibly that’s why the scumsucker apparently only used his MCX.

No, we aren’t “crazy.” We simply note that the Orlando murderer wasn’t a prohibited person.

We note that the no-buy list doesn’t yet exist (fingers still crossed), and would would work about as well as the no-fly list, which hasn’t helped the TSA catch a single terrorist for going on 15 years.

We note that we allegedly still have constitutional rights, like RKBA and due process.

For that matter, private sales happen. Perfectly lawfully, since — again — the perp in question wasn’t prohibited. That would go through any list. Want to mandate universal preemptively-prove-your-innocence checks? That’ll work about as well, since criminals most often obtain their guns through extra-legal channels anyway. I suppose you could require the prohibited persons to report themselves for checks…

Oh. Wait. You can’t. I almost forgot.

No. We are not crazy. But either the President is, or he has other plans that would magically prevent a cold-blooded killer — with a clean record, not under investigation — obtaining any one of the hundreds of millions of firearms already in the country. Sounds like a post-constitutional total police/surveillance state, or total confiscation attempts followed something close to civil war.

I’d prefer that he be crazy.


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  1. Johnson said; “I believe that meaningful, responsible gun control is part of homeland security.”


    Statism is the most violent, dangerous, and deadly religion ever to be implemented by the workers of evil. What is the former america, a theocratic dictatorship based upon one man’s belief?

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