Battle of Athens

Sadly, I let this anniversary slip my mind. Happily, a friend reminded me of this, and that this was always popular with Aaron Zelman and his original crew.

Yes, people did exercise their Second Amendment rights to put down tyrannical government. In 1946, the Battle of Athens, Tennessee.

Is it any wonder that today’s wannabe tyrants want to dismiss the Second Amendment as “obsolete” and “archaic”?


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  1. They’re showing every sign of wanting to dismiss the other nine amendments, and the principles of the Declaration of Independence, as obsolete and archaic as well.

    How often do you find yourself arguing with people who think that rights are a “social construct” and can be whatever a “society” (i.e., the people in charge) decide they should be?

    They’re often atheists, who claim that the only conceivable source of inherent rights, as we understand the concept, is god, and since there IS no god–well, guess what? No rights but what we all agree on, buddy, and they don’t think you have the right to your life, liberty and property. (Somehow they are the only ones with veto power on others’ proposed rights.)

    Oddly, these are often the same people who claim morality doesn’t have to come from that source. Now (full disclosure) I am myself an atheist, but not one of THOSE atheists; I believe that both rights and morality can be justified without appeal to a deity giving them to us. And it’s not by government, nor by society (though rights are meaningless outside of a social context; they are limits on what other people can do to you and if you were alone on a desert island, such a question would not come up).

    Nor were rights created by the Bill of Rights, only protected by it.

    1. Very interesting comment but a minor bone to pick. That phrasing aggravates me. You probably meant nothing by it.

      The Constitution and the Bill of Rights protects nothing. It provides a framework, by which, we might protect or change what we see fit.

      IMO the framework is gone. The people have never read it, our “leaders” do whatever they want, every line item in it is now violated at will. The people will not protect their rights, they are boot lickers. The rule of law is dead.

      There is a higher law. Only He could save us and only He, can save us now.

      1. You’re right, no written words by themselves can do it. They are only as good as the people who follow–or CLAIM to follow–them.

        I was mainly trying to make the point that the Bill of Rights didn’t either grant or create the rights. I didn’t really want to go further than that, wanting to stay on topic (where do rights come from); your point is an excellent “Lesson 2. (How to secure them)”

        1. I agree and many of “THOSE” atheists are actually anarchists and not the ‘I’m being cool in my rebellious phase’ type of anarchists. Many of them are just a-holes that don’t like to be told what to do and would agitate any system regardless of how permissive.

          ‘I can kill and eat your cow because their aren’t any rules here man.’ Yeah, you can get shot too buddy.

          There seem to be many in the patriot movement but these types just want to fight authority. Claire Wolfe asked a question along these lines; ‘why are some patriots such jerks’ (I’m paraphrasing), in one of her posts over there. My answer is because they don’t care about your freedom, they only care about theirs. They are not civic minded, they are a-holes.

          1. Actually the “THOSE atheists” I was thinking of were the “progressives” who want Uncle Sugar to give them everything. They’re probably too lazy to go and kill someone else’s cow, that would be work; they’re entitled to the cow and will make up a phony positive “right” to it. After all, it’s just a social construct, right?

            But yes, there are a lot of jerk anarchists out there (with or without a belief in god).

  2. One clarification; the linked article indicated how the DNC ran roughshod over the rights of the Bernie followers well folks the RNC did the same by not following their own rules by not allowing a roll call vote when they had over 7 states requesting one, turning off microphones so delegates could not be heard, having armed guards blocking states from delivering their petitions for the roll call vote, etc, etc.

    Our two major parties have gone full tyranny in how they run their parties conventions so why would anyone be surprised that these two parties will not do (& have been doing ) the same for this country?

    When tyranny becomes law
    Rebellion becomes duty!

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