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TZP recently received a link to a story of victim disarmers in Rhode Island.

Despite increased public support, R.I. lawmakers fail to restrict guns
This legislative session was no better than the previous two in terms of legislation passed to increase gun safety and reduce gun violence. But the tide seems to be turning in efforts to break the stranglehold the National Rifle Association has over our legislature: The Rhode Island Coalition against Gun Violence commissioned a poll this session that showed that a high percentage of Rhode Islanders agreed with the legislation it supported.

The initially horrifying aspect of that screed is that it appears in The Jewish Voice. I will never understand the concept of Jews clamoring for their own disarmament

Yet some do. Our correspondent noted when sending the link:

There’s currently a push behind the scenes at the RI State Capitol by Liberal Progressives in the RI Jewish community (JCC and JCRC) speaking out against gun violence and going after pro-Second Amendment politicians in RI. Certain Rabbis in some Jewish Congregations are even encouraging members to sign “common sense gun legislation,” and anti-Second Amendment pledges to send to their respective RI State Representatives. They’re trying to either force Reps. to change their stance on gun control or vote them out of office.

In the wake of Heller, McDonald, not to mention the Holocaust, fools Like David H. Leach whine that legislators have “failed” to violate an enumerated right of defense. What other rights are TJC and Leach hoping to see violated? Will we see headlines like these?

  • I. Despite increased public support, R.I. lawmakers fail to restrict the Press
    Despite increased public support, R.I. lawmakers fail to restrict Jews
  • III. Despite increased public support, R.I. lawmakers fail to restrict homeowners
  • IV. Despite increased public support, R.I. lawmakers fail to restrict probable cause
  • V. Despite increased public support, R.I. lawmakers fail to restrict due process
  • VI. Despite increased public support, R.I. lawmakers fail to endlessly delay trials
  • VII. Despite increased public support, R.I. lawmakers fail to restrict trial by jury
  • VIII> Despite increased public support, R.I. lawmakers fail to eliminate bail
  • IX.Despite increased public support, R.I. lawmakers fail to restrict unenumerated rights
  • X. Despite increased public support, R.I. lawmakers fail to seize powers from the people

-sigh- Sadly, I’ve seen far too many headlines that pretty much do that. But I digress.

The goods news is that The Zelman Partisans aren’t the only Jews and fellow travelers who do get it. Our correspondent continues:

My friends (pro Second Amendment, pro Constitution Jews) and I will be organizing a “push back” beginning in September. Any help you could provide will be helpful and greatly appreciated.

TZP is preparing to support them in their effort. If you are in Rhode Island, or the region, please do your part locally. Contact Representatives and Senators, pro and con RKBA. Let the ones who protect our rights know you have their backs. Let the victiom disarming scum know you’re watching and will fight their disgusting efforts.

Don’t let the Bagel-brains destroy our rights.

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A Partisan Passes


In the early morning hours of Wednesday, August 10, 2016, Mike Vanderboegh passed away. In recent years, he battled cancer as well as tyranny.


Longtime militia and ‘Patriot’ leader Mike Vanderboegh dies at 64
Mike Vanderboegh, a longtime leader in the “Patriot” movement, died Wednesday after a lengthy battle with cancer. He was 64. Vanderboegh also was founder of the “Three Percenters,” who vow to use force if necessary to resist what they see as oppressive gun-control laws.

I say ‘partisan,’ although Mike was not formally associated with The Zelman Partisans. Nevertheless, we were fellow freedom travelers. He could be darned controversial, but he recognized the threat of gun owner control and victim disarmament. He backed up his words with actions. I believe that his smuggling of standard capacity magazines to states banning useful tools against tyrants was far more effective than many people realize: In terms of logistics support,the magazines meant little except to a few hard-pressed individual who benefitted, but it demonstrated — oh so well — how magazine bans are pointless. A lesson we should have learned from Prohibition and the War on (Some) Drugs. Even when he announced a smuggling run, the powers that would be failed to intercept a shipment.

As parent, Mike also performed well. He raised a son who not only stands up as his own man, but has stood up to continue his father’s work. That is a legacy of which any person should be proud.

לנצח לזכור, לנצח החמיץ.

Requiesce in pace, Mike.


Battle of Athens

Sadly, I let this anniversary slip my mind. Happily, a friend reminded me of this, and that this was always popular with Aaron Zelman and his original crew.

Yes, people did exercise their Second Amendment rights to put down tyrannical government. In 1946, the Battle of Athens, Tennessee.

Is it any wonder that today’s wannabe tyrants want to dismiss the Second Amendment as “obsolete” and “archaic”?


In a word…

Will President Obama Regulate Guns Out Of Existence?
When he was a state senator in Illinois, he supported a ban on the sale of handguns and all semi-automatic guns as well as a ban on selling guns within five miles of a school or a park. While the president obviously can’t just ban them, he can use regulations to make their lives more difficult.

… Nope.

Lott never really answers his own question. Being an economist, he examines the reasons Obama’s proposed FFL rule changes are unnecessary and pointless: FFL losses to theft are as much as 51 times less than other retail businesses overall, firearms stolen from FFLs are a miniscule fraction of those used to commit crimes. He finally notes the painfully obvious point that Obama simply looks to regulate the ever-lovin’ bejeezus out of FFLs; to eliminate them by the death of a billion bureaucratic paper cuts.

But he doesn’t answer the question: Will — can — the president regulate guns out of existence?

Alcohol Prohibition and the War on (Some) Drugs come to mind. Even in theory (assuming a continuingly complacent Congress and judicial branch, a suitable Constitutional Amendment, and a Putinesque civilian national security force) at most he can regulate lawful commerce in defensive arms into oblivion.

Just like heroin and prescription opioids.

The black markets in weapons would thrive as they do in the gunless Australian paradise. Probably to the point that Mexican cartels would start shipping guns back north of the border.

But that’s merely commerce. Let’s pretend he somehow accomplished what no one has ever managed with a complete ban on weapons or anything else. All commerce — while, gray, and black — goes away.

The existing guns won’t go away, if New York’s attempt to merely register “assault weapons” is an indicator. Australia’s approximately 20% compliance rate should be another hint.

America has the highest number of firearms per capita in the world. Conservative estimates put the number over 350 million firearms in civilian hands. Higher estimates put the number closer to 750 million two decades ago. Personally, I think the truth is somewhere in between on the higher end of the range.

Still pretending, let’s say Americans generally are more like Aussies than New Yorkers in being compliant. Twenty percent of guns turned in leaves anywhere from 280 million to 600 million firearms in the hands where they belong. Without a black market bringing in more.

The gun grabbers who want to believe that the number of firearms owners is decreasing would have us believe (despite record sales for years) that only 30% of households have guns. (Clearly they’ve never been to Georgia or New Hampshire.) Call it 94 million armed citizens. Twenty percent compliance leaves around 75 million armed citizens. 75 million who won’t turn in their guns, so someone will have to come take them.

You’re going to need a bigger civilian national security force, Barry.

Maybe of those 75 million, only Three Percent(ers) will actively resist. That’s only two and quarter million armed and pissed off folks. They would probably get one or two jackbooted thugs apiece before going down.

Hell, Barry, you may need a draft for your civilian national security force. And Obamacare isn’t going to handle the medical needs of the survivors.

Odds are, ATF kitty-stompers would lead the confiscation teams. Given tactics like that, how long would it take for IIIpers to take the battle to the thugs? Why, some of the (previously) nonviolent resistors might be motivated to participate. That 1 resistor:2 thugs ratio is going to go a lot higher.

The heck with the brownshirts, Barry; you’d need to call out the active military.

Of course, taking the famous Twenty-nine Palms Survey at face value, only around 26% of the troops would participate. Of 2.1 million active and reserve troops, that will hypothetically yield 546,000 thousand door-kicking oathbreakers.

Versus at least two and quarter million pissed-off shooters.

One might wonder what our NATO and other allies are going to do when Obama pulls a Trump and withdraws all those troops to steal guns back home. One needn’t wonder what North Korea’s Kim Jong-un would think, though: “A united Korea!” Daesh now…

No, Obama can’t regulate guns out of existence. But with enough psychotic enablers he can regulate civil war and world conflict into existence.  Because some of us will never forget.

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My Line In The Sand

Guest Commentary
Exclusive to The Zelman Partisans
by PigPen51

The battle for our guns continues to grow, with no end in sight.
Although polls indicate most Americans support private gun ownership, there will always be an element that wants to usurp our right to keep and bear arms. That element is becoming more desperate and is showing its true nature: they’re not for “gun safety” or against handguns or “assault weapons” any more; they’re openly against us and our firearms, period.

I’m sure regular TZP readers have already thought, and perhaps made decisions, about how to handle any attempts to disarm you. I’ve made my own decision, as well. For me it was not easy. I want to share my decision-making process with you, partly to help you understand the thinking of someone who is not perhaps as strong-minded as you are.

First, I have to share where I come from. I’ve been around guns all my
life, growing up in rural Michigan, where small-game hunting and deer
hunting was just a fact of life. So rifles and shotguns held no mystery
for any of my brothers or me. We neither feared them nor treasured them. They were simply tools, like any others. In this respect, I guess I grew up like a good many of you.

The one thing I didn’t grow up around was handguns. We simply had no use for them.

I’ve always been a freedom supporter. I’m a follower of the
constitution, not liking it when the government takes away my rights. I was particularly appalled when the so-called Patriot Act passed. Then the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back was when Barack Obama was elected president. It was then I first joined the NRA. I saw the real threat to my gun rights and this was a tangible way that I could express it.

When Michigan passed shall-issue concealed carry, I began saving money for the mandatory class and the fee, and soon became a CCW holder.

That, to make a long story short, brings us to my proverbial line in the
sand: what do I intend to do if the knock comes on my door and the
authorities ask me to turn in all my guns?

I know some of you would say, “I’ll just start a firefight the likes of
which the nation hasn’t seen since the Tet offensive. The police, or the
National Guard, would lie in the streets until the cows came home.” From my cold dead hands, or something like that.

I understand that. It sounds very Rambo-like and brave, until you factor in things like what if the knock on the door comes when your family is sitting down to breakfast on Sunday morning, with your daughter and son in their pj’s? Or if your brother-in-law is on the sheriff’s department and your niece is in the National Guard?

For me, these are the kind of things that make it real. They are the
issues that kept me up at night while I pondered where I would draw that line in the sand. Because, once I drew it, I wanted it to stay drawn
deep and unmoving. So I had to decide what sacrifices I was willing to
make, and honestly, which ones I knew I just could never make.

I knew in my heart I could never willingly sacrifice my family’s lives.
Call me weak, if you wish, but that’s simply who I am. That option was
completely off the table. If the call for disarming happened, my family
and their well being would have to be taken into account. Therefore, any “last stand” heroics would not happen near them.

I’m not saying I would surrender any guns, just that my family couldn’t be around if I expected a confrontation. But how do I avoid that situation?

I think the best way is to try and prevent confrontation in the first
place. That calls for planning. So part of my ultimate line in the sand
is proper preparation.

For instance, I don’t think it’s wise to keep all firearms in the same
location. Best to keep them well-secured and hidden in multiple places. But that’s easier for a well-off person than for someone poor like me.

A wealthy person who had a hunting lodge with his rifles locked in in a safe, could easily keep his other guns at home in his basement (with
ammo stored at each location, of course). That also gives this happy
guy the convenience of not carrying his guns each time he travels. But
even less rich gun owners have options for storing guns in different
locations (for example, keeping a few firearms at home and hiding others securely underground in the woods).

On the other hand, knowing guns could be confiscated at any time, some people might think it would be prudent to get rid of them, one way or another. After all, you would hate to get into any trouble with the authorities over some steel and wood, right?

Another part of preparation might involve sending family members away to stay with a trusted relative who would not allow guns anywhere near them in any shape or form. But this assumes knowing when the confiscation squads will arrive, and we’re unlikely to know that until and unless times have gotten truly desperate.

This all boils down to my line in the sand: I will not keep all my guns
at my home. I will not get into a gunfight with the authorities in the
presence of my family, period. But if pushed, when alone, I will defend
myself or join with other patriots to defend liberty. Given enough time, it may become necessary to “lose” most or all of my guns. I could always attempt to find them later. Finally, given enough time, and only in very extreme circumstances, my family may have to stay with someone close to me who is not known to own firearms.

There you have it. My particular plan might seem like a coward’s way to a great many of you. It might seem unrealistic to some of you,
particularly if you believe that there will never be a confiscation
order or squads going door-to-door, looking for guns. It may even seem unpatriotic. But to me, given my nature and circumstances, this is what I’m willing to do and not willing to do. Call it what you might; you can’t call it wrong.

What are your thoughts about potential firearm confiscation? And
what planning have you done to avoid being caught unprepared if it happens?

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Democracy is dead. Long live the dictator.


More and more, I believe that a lot of universities should close their doors forever, their buildings be razed, and salt sown in the earth. It might be a good idea to go over the ruins with a flame-thrower, just to sure.

From Oxford University Press:

Bang, bang — democracy’s dead: Obama and the politics of gun control
When it comes to gun control and American politics then maybe – just maybe – could there be a case for a benevolent dictator who understands that the ballot and bullets, just like guns and safety, just don’t mix?

No. There isn’t.

I carry a gun for safety, as do at least 14,134,740 other Americans (that doesn’t count those who lawfully carry without a license). It seems to work since the American violent crime rates are at their lowest in decades, unlike the UK, where you have to fudge your allegedly low crime rates by failing to report 20% of the crimes, and by not even counting a murder until after an investigation, arrest, trial, and conviction; under the UK system, if a killer is never caught, they never add the death to their statistics. Given that their cops had to cede entire ‘no-go zones’ to the criminals, it seems justifiable to think the real crimes are astonomical.

And I might add that America is not a straight democracy. This is a representative constitutional republic. That means that unless you gin up the votes to amend the Constitution, there are some things you cannot do even if a ‘majority’ supposedly want it. As a British subject, who “was once, for a very short time, a member of the British Army but had to leave because he did not like guns or loud bangs,” I wouldn’t expect Flanders Flinders to grasp that subtle difference. As a “Professor of Politics,” writing on American politics, he certainly should.

What doesn’t mix is a ‘benevolent’ dictator and guns in the hands of the people. We set it up that way deliberately.

Given that Flinders wants to impose another dictator on America, I think we should hang on to our guns. We certainly should not send them to quivering cowards frightened of loud noises the next time their victim disarmament policies get the best of them.

Ed. note: This commentary appeared first on TZP’s weekly email alert. If you would like to be among the first to see new commentary (as well as to get notice of new polls and recaps of recent posts), please sign up for our alert list. (See sidebar or, if you’re on a mobile device, scroll down). Be sure to respond when you receive your activation email!


Malicious ‘Compliance’

While the Obamas remain on their tax-funded ‘free’ tropical vacation, Internet chatter drones on over what form his reported gun control by imperial diktat will take. Based on unsourced leaks, the most likely initial act will be to redefine those in the business of selling firearms to include darned near everyone. I myself have suggested that ― as the FAA did with toy drones, and the EPA did with CO2 ― he might even redefine some firearms to include them as NFA items. After all, the ATF once did that very thing with a shoelace.

Possibly the best way to deal with such efforts to render more honest people helpless is simple noncompliance: No. Your move.

And there is malicious compliance. These are just some idle thoughts of my own on the best way to ensure you’ve complied with all the possible rules; certainly not official TZP policy (it isn’t as if I’m an officer of the company).

You’re suddenly a ‘dealer’ in the eyes of the law(less)? You’ll need a six month supply of those free 4473s from the ATF. Naturally, all of you anticipate Cabela’s-scale business, right?

You’ll need to phone in your NICS checks, too. 1-877-FBI-NICS (1-877-324-6427) and selecting Menu Option 2, then Option 5, or by fax at (888) 550-6427. Better safe than sorry; you should call it in every time a ‘customer’ wants to handle a gun (you’ll need to know if he’s a felon before he touches it, you know). And call yourself in when he hands it back. And remember, you’re doing Cabela’s-scale business. Constantly. From “8 a.m. and 1 a.m. ET, 7 days a week”. All of you.

If some devices get reclassified as NFA, it might be a good idea for every single gun owner in America (absurdly lowball estimates of 60 million to a hopeful 120 million) to ensure none of their property is affected. Remember that shoestring.

Send letters demanding clarification to the ATF’s Firearms Technology Branch (Firearms and Ammunition Technology Division 244 Needy Road Martinsburg, Suite 1600 West Virginia 25405 USA, E-mail address: fire_tech@atf.gov, Voice: 304-616-4300, Fax number: 304-616-4301). One item per letter; you’ll want separate files should you be inspected, to match paperwork with item. Probably you should check on each of your individual magazines, too. Airguns, blowpipes, bows, your potato cannon. Junior’s Nerf guns. All of them. It would be a shame if you made typos so that you had to send multiple letters per item; just timestamp them so the FTB boys can sort out the most recent version.

Stick to snailmail to ensure a legal paper trail.  Keep copies.

All 60-120 million of you. As an extra benefit, imagine the coituscluster at the Martinsburg Post Office; you’re providing job security for USPS workers.

Registration is another bugaboo that never quite seems to go away; California, New York, Connecticut… And now we have HR 4269 (the new ‘assault weapon’ ban bill). That one grandfathers some weapons. It isn’t hard to imagine a registration mandate being added by amendment. How else can they be sure that AK-15 you have is one of the legal ones?

Register. Register early. Register often. See typos above, danr my clumys fingesr. Possibly you even own 544,000 of those buggers. With standard capacity magazines in proportion. Don’t forget shoestrings.


Of course, you’ll have to give them your address on all those classification (and maybe registration) letters. If you’re like me, you may get mixed up on your home address. This tool can help you with that.

Heck, while you’re at it, go ahead and register a couple million potentially existent drones with the FAA.

No. Your move,” is easier, but compliance might be more fun.



FAA Finally Admits Names And Home Addresses In Drone Registry Will Be Publicly Available
The FAA finally confirmed this afternoon that model aircraft registrants’ names and home addresses will be public. In an email message, the FAA stated: “Until the drone registry system is modified, the FAA will not release names and address. When the drone registry system is modified to permit public searches of registration numbers, names and addresses will be revealed through those searches.”

“Wait, what’s that got to do with RKBA, or Jews, or whatever?” I pretend to hear you mutter.

Let’s take it a step at a time. The Federal Aviation Administration, in response to a few incidents involving RC drones near aircraft — none of which caused deaths, injuries, nor even an aircraft crash — issued a new, retroactive rule requiring a national registration database of nearly all drone owners. [ding]

Lacking new legislation to authorize this, the FAA simply, and arbitrarily, redefined toys to be aircraft requiring registration. [ding ding]

Despite telling prospectively compliant drone owners that their personal data (name, address) would be kept private, in fact, they plan a publicly searchable database. [ding ding ding]

“So what?” you might wonder. Hopefully not though, since I’d expect regular TZP visitors to be ahead of me here.

President Barrycade has stated his intent to issue executive orders to implement gun control, since he lacks legislation to do so.

Reportedly, one element of this will be to — again, lacking new enabling legislation — simply redefine occasional sellers as “dealers”. Bound books, 4473s, NICS checks, ATF inspections, and all. [ding]

Hey, it worked for the FAA, and they don’t even have an executive order. [ding ding]

The ATF already has their searchable FFL database. [ding ding ding]

Since Obama and other blood-dancers have stated publicly that they wish to crack down on private sales, it seems safe to assume this will be in one EO or another. But what if he emulates the FAA a little more closely?

Imagine “redefining” all firearms as NFA items. Just like toys became airplanes. Or how atmospheric plant food became a pollutant.

Or how a shoe string became an NFA machine gun.

Registration. Permission slips. Inspections. And maybe that database would become publicly searchable, too. Oh, well; for once we might be glad of ATF incompetence.

There is precedent for registering undesirables.

Fortunately, there’s an easy answer to any such moves.


Your move.

Backing up those brave words might be a little harder, but let me leave you with two quotes.

And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say goodbye to his family?”
– Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
, The Gulag Archipelago

The sheer immorality of victim disarmament aside, one would hope every government thug out there would stop to consider all the possible ramifications of kicking in several million doors because the occupants are well armed.
– Carl Bussjaeger

When the law is twisted by arbitrary, unilateral redefinitions, there is no law to break.


The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising-April 19th

April 19th is the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.

For those that do not understand what Yom HaShoah and the Warsaw Ghetto uprising has to do with guns, look at all the hands in the photos. When there are hands in the air reaching skyward, you will see guns in the hands of those surrounding them.  Guns are the defense against tyranny.  For “Never Again” to be more than a slogan you need to be able to ensure that it isn’t by having the means to stop the attack.

At the memorial service I attended today the final speaker talked about something a holocaust survivor had implored him to do. To act, to scream, to talk to people, but no matter what, not to do nothing. To do nothing, to be frozen in inaction was to allow them (nazis) to succeed.

The Warsaw Ghetto Memorial at the JCC.
The Warsaw Ghetto Memorial at the JCC.

For the flame of liberty to continue to burn, there must be those willing to speak out against evil. There must be those willing to give their time, talent and treasure and pledge their sacred honor. Yes, that phrase comes from the American Revolution. The Battle at Lexington and Concord also occurred on April 19th. But if we do not show up and suit up in the battle for freedom, the flame of liberty becomes the Shoah, the holocaust, as well as the flames that devoured the Warsaw Ghetto, the other Ghettos throughout Europe and the death camps.

What do Yom HaShoah and the Warsaw Ghetto have to do with guns. Everything! The fearful cost of a disarmed people.

What happened exceeded our boldest dreams. The Germans fled twice from the ghetto. One of our companies held its position for forty minutes, while the other one lasted – upwards of six hours… I cannot describe to you the conditions in which the Jews are living. Only a handful will survive. All the rest will succumb, sooner or later. Their fate has been sealed. In almost all of the bunkers in which our friends are hiding one cannot even light a candle at night, for lack of air. Goodbye my friend. Perhaps we will see each other again. The main thing is this: My life’s dream has become a reality. I have seen the Jewish defense of the ghetto in all its strength and glory.
23 [21] April 1943 Mordechai Anielewicz

There is no need to ask “Why does this happen”. Nor is there a need to ask “How can something like this happen.” It’s a pattern, we know how.

One of our readers gave a link to a documentary, it is excellent and this is the longer version of it.

From Yad Vashem’s website, interviews with Fighters who survived the Warsaw Ghetto. What is the end result of Universal Background Checks and other “common sense” gun control? Listen, the survivors will tell you.

But I will leave you with triumph.

Zog nit kein mol- Jewish partisan song

Zog Nit Kein Mol in Hebrew



On Refreshing The Tree of Liberty

With respect to “If this be cowardice, be glad we’re cowards” by our own Claire Wolfe: Anything that denies that the oppressed have a right to mete justice to the oppressor is bound to crackle with unease, if not contradiction. Being a careful thinker, Claire escapes this predicament, of course, advocating for peaceful change. However, given the size and power of the American State; given that a vast number of people and interests have bought into state propaganda and are vested in it—meaningful change is unlikely and improbable. The idea of change through the ballot box, moreover, is a fantasy.

While it seems obvious that the minority in a democracy is openly thwarted, the question is, do the elected representatives at least carry out the will of the majority?

The answer is no. The People’s representatives have carte blanche to do exactly as they please. As Benjamin Barber has written:

It is hard to find in all the daily activities of bureaucratic administration, judicial legislation, executive leadership, and paltry policy-making anything that resembles citizen engagement in the creation of civic communities and in the forging of public ends. Politics has become what politicians do; what citizens do (when they do anything) is to vote for politicians.

In Restoring the Lost Constitution, Randy E. Barnett further homes in on why the informed voter has little incentive to exercise his “democratic right”:

If we vote for a candidate and she wins, we have consented to the laws she votes for, but we have also consented to the laws she has voted against.
If we vote against the candidate and she wins, we have consented to the laws she votes for or against.
And if we do not vote at all, we have consented to the outcome of the process whatever it may be.

This “rigged contest” Barnett describes as, “‘Heads’ you consent, ‘tails’ you consent, ‘didn’t flip the coin,’ guess what? You consent as well.'”

Democracy is a despotic affair.

Should they occur, and however peaceful—secessionist movements across the country the federal government will greet with brute force. It’ll be 1861 all over again.

Thus the objection I see to the sentiment that prompted Claire’s post—“We ARE a nation of cowards. Proof: Holder is still breathing”—is more utilitarian than principled. In other words, one will not win against the Federales, but only come to grief. Therefore, one should tread with great trepidation. Is prudence tantamount to courage? No. Neither is it cowardice.

Fear is simply a facet of tyranny.

The “long-time, much-respected freedomista” who made the quip about Holder was probably using a bit of hyperbole. Thomas Jefferson, however, was perfectly serious when he said:

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”