LSU art student Jordan Marcell speaks of the “intent” in the creation of firearms. A lot.

Opinion: Guns dangerous by nature, effects not containable
“Even when not performing their purpose, the ever present danger with firearms, is that— somehow— they will.”

Too much, and yet still misses two points.

Let’s start with that intent. Marcell claims to believe that firearms are simply built to be deadly destroyers of biological life, and that this is a continuing and progressive trend towards ever more deadly weapons. If that were true, there would be no handguns produced, as long guns can project bigger, faster, more damaging rounds than could — effectively — any handgun. If simple killing were the goal, I’d stick to a AR-15 pattern rifle and a vest full of 30 round magazines, and junk the compact polymer pistol in wimpy 9mm which I do carry everyday.

I don’t carry that handgun to kill. I carry it to defend myself (and others, should the circumstances warrant). My handgun was not designed by Ruger to be the penultimate killing machine. It’s designed to be carried routinely and comfortably and to provide basic protection.

Or take this little number.

Does anyone seriously believe that was designed for anything other than punching holes in paper? One could use it to kill, but so could such a determined person bash in his victim’s skull with Marcell’s coffee mug.

Next, consider Marcell’s fear that all firearms will perform the deadly purpose mistakenly attributed to the inanimate gadgets.

According the CDC, in 2015, 36,252 people died by firearm; that includes homicide and legal intervention (such as self-defense) and accidents. We’ll pretend each death was accomplished with a separate firearm: 36,252 guns.

Conservative estimates of firearms in civilian hands in America range from the wildly implausible 265 million to a more likely 500 million, to a possibly over the top 750 million.

If you studied math, rather than Marcell’s “Studio Art” you probably see where I’m going with this.

36,252 firearms were seemingly used in accordance with the “intent” Marcell believes imbued their design. Out of 265-750 million firearms. If Marcell were correct then — conservatively — 99.98632% of firearms suffered gross design failures: 264,963,748 guns failed to kill anyone (as they are allegedly designed to do).

You’d think that if 60-130 million gun owners (estimates vary as wildly as estimates of firearms) thought their guns had malfunctioned, there would be a monumental class action lawsuit wending its way through the courts. As some anonymous Internet wag noted, “If guns kill people, where are mine hiding the bodies?”

Or, just maybe, those inevitable deadly effects are “containable,” because of the intent of the owners.

There is no “intent” conferred upon firearms. As always, intent resides in the person operating it. Yes, even in negligent or accidental discharges, some had the intent to do something — likely stupid — with the gun.

So Marcell missed two points. Did you notice a third point which he implied?

“A firearm, as a tool, is an instrument that was created with the purpose of eliminating biological life— or killing, if you prefer that term.”

“Killing.” He fails to distinguish between murder and self defense. Or to differentiate between murder and hunting for food. Or murder and putting down a terminally suffering animal. Even in “killing” intent varies. Unless one is a liberal arts student incapable of more than simplistic over-generalizations bearing no resemblance to reality.

If Marcell equates all killing to murder, I wonder what our young student eats. Surely not meat, yet…

And you who feed on nothing but plants
Don’t hold your pride so high
For plants are living, and just might feel
And they take so long to die.
– Fisher’s Chant, Leslie Fish

Does Marcell heartlessly murder suffering plants for sustenance?


6 thoughts on “Intent”

  1. This ‘art student’ is an ignoramus, only educated to the level that began in the Dark Ages.
    Student Jordan has been indoctrinated with the belief in the “Deodand”
    That is; A ‘thing’, an inanimate piece of whatever, has volitional power in and of itself and also has the ability to – somehow – exert influence the actions of a human being.

    This article also shows two other things;
    1 The level of editorial idiocy (for ignorance just doesn’t cut it for a news outlet.) This ‘opinion’ piece should have never seen printers ink, or html. Or the editors should have highlighted it for derision with; “This is actually what some people believe!”

    2 The education system has lost the art of how to teach discrimination between fact and fiction.

    This is Voodoo Doll Black Magic being spouted from a college student!

  2. I just have to say that as of today my guns and even my SUV, knives, bathtub, baseball bat, ice pick, etc hasn’t killed anyone yet but maybe my guns and SUV, bathtub, baseball bat, ice pick, etc are just the exception and I’m sure it has nothing to do with me being a responsible person.

  3. As a lacto-ovo vegetarian, I really feel I should chime in here. First, the study was done at The University of Missouri. Home of Melissa “Can we get some muscle over here” Click. The University where the President had to step down because he didn’t understand that the mob of BLM people surrounding his car during a parade, halting it, just wanted a friendly chat. The University where the coach, oh, never mind. Suffice it to say for a Midwestern University, this one gets close to moonbat. That being said/rambled, I can see the value in being able to repel insects from your crops. I however, being bigger and stronger, will eat that okra, pepper and tomato. The watermelon is powerless to resist me. Because I am bigger and stronger. So, to the pink hatted crowd that insists you can repel evil with the Jedi hand thrust or a rape whistle, just be aware, you could find yourself someones lunch.

  4. Mr. Marcell proves the truth of that wonderful quote from one G. Orwell, to wit: “Some things are so stupid that only an intellectual could believe them.”

    When SHTF does occur Mr. Marcel and others of that ilk will do us the service of luring the predators by being easy prey. Which would Pan Urbanus prefer to attack – Mr. Marcel standing there holding a sign emblazoned with a rainbow and some peacenik tripe, OR someone with an AR carbine, a sidearm, a Gerber Mk2 and a vestfull of 30 rd mags? DING DI NG DING!! We have a winner! Will Mr. MArcel please report to the front of the line?

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