David Codrea linked to a column.

Angry Feminist Who Wants Same Rights As Guns Gets LEVELED With EPIC Response!


  • Cosmetic [features] would be banned.
  • Ugly women would be banned.
  • Too-large breasts would be banned (those deadly aircraft-downing 50s, you know).
  • Too-small breasts would be banned (concealable, dontcha know).
  • Registration… well, America already makes humans register, so she’s good there.
  • Speaking of concealment, burkas without a Concealed Dressing License would be illegal.
  • Unless, presumably, she’s ugly (see #2).
  • High capacity… Nah. Not going there. But still.
  • I suppose there might be an Integrated Breast Identification System that… well, think fingerprinting.
  • California would require microtramp-stamping of all women.
  • I thought these lefties hated discrimination based on color. Evil Black Wo… WTF?
  • Come to think of it, women would be banned from schools.
  • And shopping malls, to the relief of many a husband’s wallet.

And here I thought the ban bunnies’ cars=guns comparisons were stupid.


4 thoughts on “Dreaming”

  1. When I read the lady’s sign I immediately though of a handgun. In California you can purchase only handguns listed on their roaster that the state has deemed safe(coercion money). They want to make sure she/it won’t go off accidentally by herself ha.ha. And then, you will have to wear her or lock her up in the safe when the children or grand children are around. Nope just doesn’t make sense her wanting to abuse herself in such a manner.

  2. And my thought was “holy mackerel”! They really DO think guns go off all by themselves randomly. They really do think guns think for themselves. She is choosing to aspire to have the same rights as an inanimate object?

    Good grief woman, not lady, you bring and heap SHAME upon my gender! You idiot!

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