Here we go again. Cue the calls for common sense “assault rifle” laws in three.. two… one…

Shooting at Bronx Lebanon Hospital in NYC, Multiple Injured
Authorities responded to the ‘active shooter’ situation just before 3 P.M. at the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital, which is about half an hour outside of Manhattan.

Police say the Bello was wearing a white lab coat, and was armed with an M-16 rifle when he opened fire on the 16th floor.

Another shooting, another — probably imaginary — machine gun.

Hmm… M16… where have we heard that before? Right; the Alexandria congresscritter shooting. Which out to be… not so much; a semi-auto SKS.

At this rate, I will not be surprised to — eventually — learn that the asshole used one of these.

But seriously: an M16? A machine gun? Not merely regulated in New York, but outright banned. If I took this report at face value, I’d be forced to conclude that regulation and bans don’t work at all.

Update: And it was apparently a New York legal AR, which means it isn’t even an “assault weapon” much less an assault rifle.


3 thoughts on ““M-16””

  1. I was at work when this happened. My coworker asked if I’d heard and then told me M-16. I said, hmmm, don’t think so. Not legal for civilians. I’ll be interested to hear a bit more about the assailant.

    1. Per picture (see update link above), it was a New York legal AR with a 10-round magazine.

      The suspect reportedly had a history of arrests and at least one misdemeanor conviction (and another case sealed). He was Nigerian-born; don’t know his immigration/citizenship status (some reports list him as a Nigerian national), but based on arrest reports he’s been in the US since 2003 at least.

      Federal law would allow ownership of a pre-’86 M16 with the NFA crap. New York, of course, doesn’t allow any machine gun (except in their own goons hands).

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