I’m a bit late to the NRA “truth” video game, but having seen this today:

Gun rights group targeting its foes?
Are my rights to assemble and speak freely with whomever I please superseded by an assault rifle?

Do I deserve to be arrested or shot because I seek to peacefully dissent from and petition my government?

The National Rifle Association, in a video released last week (, seems to suggest that I should be targeted because my views run contrary to the NRA, its members, our elected president and most of Congress.

-sigh- Complete with the usual — false — “assault rifle” claim.

Interesting. I’m not an NRA member (I object to much of what it does), so I think I watched that video with sufficient objectivity. What I saw was Ms. Loesch saying that some people are manipulated into committing violent crimes and that we must fight this with truth.

Mr. Prescott speaks of nonviolent, peaceful dissent; yet the NRA video specifically addresses — verbally and visually — violent, and destructive criminal acts. Apparently that’s what what passes for “peaceful” in Prescott’s strange world.

If someone objects to ending violence with truth, I have to wonder what that person is doing, or might be planning to do.

Especially when he parrots the “assault rifle” lie. I guess it’s easier to inflict a little arson/assault “conversation” on the unarmed; which I why I don’t plan to ditch my tools of self defense.


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  1. Methinks it really comes down to whether you think the 1st amendment under the freedom of speech part allows you to “commit violent crimes” to others also.

    If someone “commit violent crimes” to force their opinions & will on me, IMHO that is tyranny which the truth should be told & pointed out about however I also think the 2nd amendment is there when the first isn’t enough to stop such tyranny which has become no longer sufferable.

  2. Once again, I think we have found an example of some liberal who can count to ten without using the number two. Meaning that the Bill of Rights is important to them, unless you are talking about the 2nd amendment. The ACLU is expert at that, they have been doing it for years, which is even stranger given that the Supreme Court has said that the 2nd amendment clearly is meant to apply to individuals. Of course, I am only making a point, this is not really a surprise.

    I think that it is very important, and can’t be stated too strongly, that we must be the ones to define what terms are used in the firearms argument. When the antis use the phrase assault rifle, and we don’t immediately call them out on it, we are letting them plant the notion in the minds of some that an object of steel, wood, and plastic, can somehow have a mind and intent of it’s own. I realize that nearly everyone on our side of the fence understands the truth, but there are many who do not, and can be swayed by scary words.

    The battle might be looking like we are on the side of us winning, according to poll numbers, but we all know better than to trust anything like numbers. Hillary Clinton even knows that now. However, now is the time for our side to get smarter in our tactics, not more militant. Those who are neither pro-gun nor anti-gun, but on the fence are the ones who will push the tide one way or the other. We mustn’t allow things that some pro-gun groups do, like crazy militia types who act like they are wanna be Navy Seals, or even well thought of groups like the NRA when they are wrong, to turn off those who are the ones that we actually have a chance of reaching.

    When Barack Obama was elected the first time, I joined the NRA, for the first time. After seeing some of the things that they did, and supported, I allowed my membership to lapse. The things that the NRA does well, they do very,very well. The things that they do poorly, the frankly suck at, and hurt our cause. I hope that someday, a national organization can get it’s act together, do away with politics within, and simply act for the good of gun owners. I can see that perhaps the GOA might one day become that organization. The NRA is still relevant, if they simply would get back to the original mission that they started out with, and that served the nations gun owners so very well for so long.

  3. Something the left seems to be very good at doing, twisting words. The right speaks of people sneaking across the border, un-vetted looking at what goes on in Europe and the UK and the left calls the right racist and islamaphobic. A line willingly repeated by a large part of the MSM. In their mind there is no difference between a legal law abiding immigrant and the next London Bridge attackers. Until there is.

    1. Sheila, I hear that George Clooney and his wife feel differently now. Stand back from them, because I think I feel the spin starting already.

  4. Wow. It seems to me the ZP crew is no longer on the path of the founder. Perhaps you guys should consider dropping his surname.

    1. Would you care to elaborate? Was I insufficiently critical of a group, many of whose actions I disapprove?

      I think we should challenge the lies of anti-rights victim disarmers, and their deceptive fellow travelers, even when they’re attacking the NRA.

      The Loesch video called for fighting violence with truth. Aaron was a strong believer in educating people to better understand their rights, right alongside having the tools to defend oneself when that isn’t — yet — enough.

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