Gun control works!

Or so says NYT’s Nicholas Kristof.

That is, of course, in reference to yesterday’s terrorist truck attack.

Rumor has it that the rented truck, obtained without a NICS check, was equipped with a engine silencer that prevented his victims hearing him come. It was fitted with an after-market high-capacity bed, too. Nobody needs more than a quarter-ton capacity vehicle except the police and military.

The alleged attacker was quoted by witnesses as yelling, “Allahu Akbar,” which is Arabic for “My motive may never be known!”.

Oh. Wait. This time time they are considering terrorism.


4 thoughts on “Gun control works!”

  1. And it was a rental truck! Which means it wasn’t registered to the @$$hole!

    Good thing NY has all those “reasonable, common-sense” “gun safety” laws prohibiting temporary transfers, non-range rentals, and off-the-books loans of firearms! Someone could have gotten hurt! [/sarcasm]

  2. and we cannot, repeat CANNOT allow Truck Bump Stocks (bumpers) on the trucks so they can hit people repeatedly.
    Only thin sheet metal should be on the ends of the trucks. And what about those truck mounted lights so they can run over people in the dark ?

    Those headlights (named as such because it allows terrorists to see people’s heads before they are run over ??) need to be outlawed NOW.

    And let’s not forget the STEEL BELTED TIRES on these murderous trucks ! A steel belted tire killsso much faster when you’re run over by it, compared tothe older BIAS PLY rayon belted tires (no pun intended).

    If these safety measures are insitigated ASAP just think how many lives will be saved !

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