Damned weak gun laws

Home Depot’s truck rental policy is tougher than gun restrictions in many states
According to its website, Home Depot requires that truck renters be at least 21 years old, possess a current American or Canadian driver’s license and leave a $50 deposit. Additionally, proof of automobile insurance is required for Home Depot’s “Load ‘N Go” rentals.

Many gun laws in the U.S. are laxer than these three simple requirements, The Independent reports.

Laxer? Let’s see…

To lawfully purchase/rent from a dealer in my state:

  • Clean criminal record: Guns, check. Automobiles, nope. (For the record, it’s a felony even in a private sale to knowingly sell a gun to a prohibited person.)
  • Clean mental health record: Guns, check. Automobiles, nope.
  • License to operate: Guns, check. Automobiles, check. Whoa! A point of convergence.
  • Fingerprints to get license: Guns, check. Automobiles, nope. Oops.
  • Background check to get license: Guns, check. Automobiles, nope again. Hmm…
  • Background check to purchase/rent from dealer: Guns, check. Automobiles, nope. I’m seeing a pattern.
  • Unlawful to sell to underage person: Guns, check. Automobiles, nope.
  • Insurance required by law: Guns, nope. Automobiles, check only to operate on public roads. Meh.

The insurance aspect is amusing in a sick, twisted way. For years, victim disarming gun control freaks have pushed mandatory liability insurance for gun owners (even though lawful gun owners kill fewer people than drivers), as a means of making gun ownership financially difficult. But when they realized people were voluntarily getting insurance, they freaked out.

When car dealers and rental agencies have to be federally licensed, maintain bound books, are subject to federal compliance inspections, run NICS checks on buyers and block sales to prohibited persons; and mufflers require more background checks, taxes, permissions, and separate registration; and car insurance is viewed as “murder insurance” and regulators try to shut it down then these clowns can start the guns vs. automobiles comparisons.


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