But WHO IS the enemy?

I’m going to start you out with a video from Moshe Feiglin of the Zehut political party in Israel. This is in regards to the terror tunnels. For those that do not know, Israel recently demolished another terror tunnel from Gaza into Israel, from near Khan Yunis in southern Gaza Monday afternoon. During the course of the terror tunnel destruction some terrorists were killed, including senior members in the terrorist group Islamic Jihad. I would call this a bonus score. The IDF however, apologized. It’s not a surprise to me that Moshe Feiglin protested this. Mind you since 2014 they’ve known Hamass had a plan to send 200 terrorists through the tunnels at the same time to emerge in Israel, dressed in IDF uniforms. In June The UN Slams Hamas for building terror tunnel under Gaza schools. And on October 30, Another Terror Tunnel Found Under UN School in Hamas-Ruled Gaza. Apologize my foot!

And that brings us to our little movie clip. It has subtitles.

And that is the salient point. Can WE name the enemy? Americans were again attacked on Halloween in the gun free paradise known as New York. The bucket of chum used a rented Home Depot box truck. As some have pointed out, should there be waiting periods to rent pickup trucks now? What about background checks before you can rent a pickup truck? I’m not blaming Home Depot for renting it, which is what the anti-gun fools do. But isn’t that what they claim about how background checks will stop crime? Well, this article raises excellent questions about what would happen if the clerk at Home Depot had a bad feeling and refused to rent the truck. What would happen to the clerk? What would a through background check reveal? That he had been arrested four times in Nebraska was arrested in Missouri in 2015 for failing to maintain the brake system in his commercial truck. He failed to show up in court in April 2016. Yep, he had a commercial driver’s license. And again, few are willing to lose everything because they will be vilified nationally by the likes of cnn and mslsd (#FakeNews) for being Islamaphobic, probably fired by Home Depot.

How did he get here? Chuck Schumer invited him via the “Diversity Visa” program. He came from Uzbekistan in 2010. He also brought in 23 family members. Um, anyone know where they all are now? They say that the “Diversity Visa” winners undergo the “same rigorous vetting” as other immigrants. Ahhh, think I found part of the problem. Said Bucket of Chum is proud of the killings. If only there could have been some prior warning that Bucket O’ Chum was a danger! Well, gee.


And they listened? To Linda Sarsour? I wouldn’t trust her to tell me if day was day or night. So lock Sarsour up as an accomplice already!

You see, they now fear Bucket of Chum may have been radicalized in the US. There is excellent reason to think this, Bill DeGoofio was sent a letter by Imam Tawhiki warning him of radicalizations. Imam Tawhiki is known as the Imam for peace.

Letter from Imam Tawhidi to DeBlasio









Not to mention the presences of ISIS flags being paraded down Manhattan streets. That could be a clue as well.

isis flag proudly paraded down the street.







And here’s the thing. This is another part of the problem. The leftist celebrated “diversity” and “multiculturalism”. Many of the muslims coming into our country do not want to assimilate, they have no intention of becoming Americans, well, beyond taking tax dollars, welfare, free housing, free healthcare, etc.

What ‘Melting Pot’? Americans Didn’t Expect the NYC Killer to Assimilate — So Why Bother?

And we must celebrate the diversity of beliefs. For example, ripped, hole jeans are very fashionable among the younger set. So, the women need to be raped. Huh?

Al-Wahsh added, “I say that when a girl walks about like that, it is a patriotic duty to sexually harass her and a national duty to rape her.”

Mr. Al-Wahsh is an Egyptian Lawyer, not a cleric. Oh, goodie. Yep, let’s allow everyone to keep their culture they bring from the homeland. I’m not talking about corned beef and cabbage, I’m not talking about beer gardens. There are choice that anyone can choose from, unless your on the left and then you scream cultural appropriation and don’t eat the corned beef or wear hoop earrings. I’m speaking of beliefs that affect others. Such as New Year’s Eve in Cologne Germany. I’m talking about ISIS flags in Manhattan.

The left will not accept that there are violent evil people in this world, unless of course they are talking about people on the Right.

Have we, as Americans lost the ability to name the enemy? It’s not pickup trucks, it’s not box trucks, or guns, or flame throwers. It depends on who’s finger is on the trigger. Have we become so cowed by Political correctness that it is to late to name the enemy? Of late, it is Islam, but for a long time it’s been the leftist influence in our schools, our media and our government.

And what happened within mere days of another islamic attack on Americans?

After continued Muslim terror attacks, NYC launches “I am Muslim” media blitz.

Just, by the by, Jews are ten times more often the victims of hate crimes that muslims.

Like the leftists that wanted to harass the IDF (who is already harassed by the upper echelon) and went into a Arab village to “express solidarity” and were almost stoned and lynched. The IDF then had to pay the price for their stupidity and naivety and go in and extricate them. We also will pay the price for the leftist desire for political correctness.

We must know the enemy, as we must know ourselves. A friend once told me I must never forget who and what I am, he’s right. We can’t afford it.


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  1. “We must know the enemy, as we must know ourselves. A friend once told me I must never forget who and what I am, he’s right.”


    We must all understand that anyone who advocates bringing people like this Bucket of Chum to this country is just as much your enemy as this Bucket of Chum is!

    It ain’t just about a particular Bucket of Chum just as it is also about those who enable them in this country, in Israel and every where else. The enablers are just as evil.

  2. BINGO! The politicians, the media, the education system, and the basement dwellers that swarm this country and attempt to bring in fascism all the while railing against it while hurling Molotov cocktails and attempting to hurt people they think are involved making something they have been told is “bad” happen.

    1. I think that when one of these visa holders commits a felony, whether it is a terrorist act, of simply robbing a liquor store with a gun, any family members that they brought over to this country should automatically be sent back to their country of origin. After a fair trial and a guilty verdict, of course.

      There seems to be little to motivate these low life scum to behave themselves, when many times they wish to become martyrs for Islam. Perhaps if they knew that their actions would have devastating effects on their families, however extended they have become, they would think before committing these acts against this country. At the very least, we know that many times they are aided and abetted by some family members. So we would get them out of our country.

      If this seems harsh, compare that to the pregnant mother waking up to a cop knocking on her door to tell her that her husband was killed by a terrorist with a truck, or a bomb or a gun. That is harsh, but all too real, and it happens all too often.

      This country needs to wake up to the fact that we are in a state of war, and we had better start acting like it. That means that we must act together to fight back against anyone who tries to harm us. It means that we do things that we might not do in times of peace, like sending entire families back to their home country if one of them turns rogue and strikes against our nation. It means that instead of seeking ways to weaken our citizens, we should look for ways to further harden them, and allow them the ability to defend themselves from attack.

      Will any of this happen? Not likely, with the politicians we have in D.C. right now. Trump has not been as bad as many predicted, but he is fighting an uphill battle against his own party, and the results are predictable. Unless our nation wakes up and stands up to the threat of terrorists, things will not get better, but worse. The left will never go along with any of this. But the right needs to stand together, or we run the risk of becoming like some of the nations of the European Union, with Muslim terrorists the norm, and no way to stop them.

  3. I don’t think sending the entire family back is harsh at all! I think it’s smart. Buckets of Chum don’t develop in a vacuum. I just wonder in the US if they have a system in place like they do in Israel where the terrorists are paid for the amount of Americans they kill like they are for the amount of Israelis? I guess we do, it’s called welfare. The problem is the left no longer see the terrorists as a threat. Due to indoctrination by the media and their “schools” they see the right as a threat. And anything bad that happens to them is celebrated quietly. Publicly, no matter the cause, they call for more gun control.

    I think sending the whole family back (if they can find and round them up) is an inspired idea!

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