[Updated] Assorted Observations: First Baptist Church Shooting

Much remains unknown about the First Baptist Church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas this early in the investigation, but a few things are being reported with surprising consistency in the media. Like: Victim disarming gun controllers using it to call for more gun control. What about the laws already in place?

Background checks: Reports have it that the asshole purchased his Ruger AR-556 from a dealer, which means he passed a background check. The problem with that is multiple, consistent reports that he had been convicted of domestic violence (assault on spouse and child). That makes him a “prohibited person” thanks to the Lautenberg Amendment. So NICS, along with its 94% false positive rate, has lethal false negatives. Perhaps the system has it in for churches since the Charleston church shooter also passed a NICS check despite being a prohibited person. No wonder background checks don’t reduce firearms homicides. I expect we’ll learn that, since he received a Bad Conduct Discharge rather than the automatically disqualifying Dishonorable, the Air Force never bothered to report his conviction; although this is an inconsistent point of reporting (both versions from the same network). If it was a DD, there is no reason whatsoever for the Air Force to fail to report him to NICS.

That never happens: Victim disarmers tell us only police need guns because ordinary civilians never stop bad guys. Except when they do, as multiple reports have it that a local resident shot back, causing the asshole to drop his weapon, and ran the asshole away from the church. How, exactly, the shooter died hasn’t been released yet, but it’s possible the civilian killed him.

Laws don’t stop killers; honest folks armed for defense do.

Added: It’s now being reported that Stephen Willeford shot the asshole, apparently in a gap in the body armor. He and Johnnie Langendorff pursued the asshole in Langendorff’s truck, caught up with when he went off the road, and held him at gun point. It appears the shooter bled out from the wound Willeford inflicted. Well done, sirs.

Deadliest church shooting in America: I saw this claim several times. The Branch Davidians — the survivors — would beg to differ. Or doesn’t it count when the Only Ones are the shooters?

Updated: The asshole had been denied a Texas carry license: “So how was it that he was able to get a gun? By all the facts that we seem to know, he was not supposed to have access to a gun,” [Texas Gov.] Abbott told CNN’s Chris Cuomo. “So how did this happen?”

As I read Texas law, Texas specifies that anyone separated from the military with anything lower than an Honorable Discharge is ineligible for a license, while federal law only specifies a DD as disqualifying. Also, Texas law allows application fees to be waived or lowered for veterans. If the shooter showed them his DD214 to get a discount, they would have evidence that he was disqualified from a Texas license. But the domestic violence conviction still should have made him a prohibited person.

Also, the sheriff is now saying he died of a self-inflicted wound.


2 thoughts on “[Updated] Assorted Observations: First Baptist Church Shooting”

  1. Of course they are going to say he died from a self inflicted wound. Anything else won’t fit the narrative that the left wants. He could have been shot 6 times, and they still would have said it was self inflicted.

    What is also predictable is the call for more laws before the bodies are even all removed from the murder scene. And the left wonders why they have no credibility on the gun issue. People have no time for those who willingly wallow in the tragedy of others for political gain.

    The other thing that I can predict is that this will blow over, but will fire up again, once the next shooting happens. And in a country with nearly 350 million people, of course these things will happen. But I still hear the crickets chirping about the guy with the truck who killed those 8 people in NY. The Democrats are as predictable as what you call people who rely on the rhythm method for birth control. Parents.

    1. There might be a little blowback this time. I’ve been wondering what type of court martial the asshole got his BCD in. Only a General Court Martial can sentence one to dismissal from service, but there were some flaky things about the timeline on that, and the BCD may have come later. CBS apparently got info from the USAF which clarified it: Specifically, they said it was a General (and it gave more specific time frames for the trial, appeal, confinement, and discharge).

      This is important because General Courts are the mil-equivalent of felony proceedings, meaning that the USAF should have reported the asshole to NICS for a 1) a felony conviction, and 2) a domestic violence conviction. It is possible he only got his hands on guns to murder those people because the Air Farce didn’t do its job.

      As best I can tell, Texas did its part in denying him a carry license based on type of discharge, but since NICS was lacking data, the stores were free to sell him the weapons.

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