Poll: Carry in California

The Mercury News & East Bay Times Editorial Boards are afraid “that people who can legally carry concealed guns in their home states could do the same” in California if Congress passes reciprocal carry legislation. The thought of hordes of law-abiding people swarming the state apparently terrifies them. But that presupposes that law-abiding people who want to routinely carry concealed want to go to California, which I can personally attest isn’t necessarily the case.

If you are a non-Californian with a CCW license do you have any interest in traveling to California with your sidearm?


7 thoughts on “Poll: Carry in California”

  1. No “permit” from anyone, and no desire whatsoever to go to California… for any reason. My children and grandchildren live there too, Kenny… but I’m not going to see them unless they come here.

    I can see the state of Calif., NJ, and a few others simply passing laws to stop the issue of ANY “permits.” That will nullify this reciprocity thing for those states. That sucks for the people who live there, of course, but doesn’t affect most of us either. It’s the NICS thing that is going to be a major threat to us all.

  2. I to think that California would attempt to revoke their CCW law if reciprocity passes. There are those who think that the movers and shakers in CA, the only ones who get the rarely issued CCW permits, would nix the idea, but the remains to be seen.

    Note that under law going into effect tomorrow, one could not bring ammunition into CA legally. If I understand that correctly, the the cops could arrest anyone from other states carrying concealed under a charge of illegally importing ammunition.

    We seriously need to slap CA down in SCOTUS.

    1. I could see California trying to eliminate CCW, but even the 9th Circuit would have trouble letting that go in light of Heller and MCDONALD. Doesn’t mean they wouldn’t try. Then all the special people could become special police officers, still allowed to carry, unlike the peons.

      Although even that would be tricky after Orange County had to revoke arrest powers for their special officers about five years back, because they didn’t meet the training requirements.

      What we really need to do is expel California from the Union.

      1. What we really need to do is expel California from the Union.

        I agree Carl, that might be the only way to save California. If we seceded or were expelled I think this state would fracture, splinter and break apart very rapidly. Faster than these communist SOB’s that run the state realize.

        As far as the ridiculous ammunition law that was passed by the dumbass sheeple of my state. I think the law says you can bring in 50 rnds of ammo or you can ship in X# ? to a FFL. Either way it is utterly ridiculous.

        Sometimes I wish the L.A. Basin and the San Francisco Bay Area would secede from California and form City States much like the Greeks had. Then they could have total autonomy and even fence out all of us dregs in the hinterlands of the state. Who knows maybe other Metropolis’ like Portland, Sea-Tac, Chicago, New York and others would follow suit and save the states in which they reside.

  3. I have to go there on business. I always have a G43 in a lock container, I comply with the law however it would take me less than a couple of minutes to be up and running if needed and when I’m in an area where you don’t have a couple of minutes I live by the rule of it’s better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

  4. No, California is on the other side of the country from me in PA.

    Nevertheless, I live 2 miles from the NJ border and need to travel regularly to NJ to run errands. I WOULD regularly carry in NJ under National Reciprocity. I would be no more of a threat to anyone in NJ than I am in PA.

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