“I’m going to jail.”

Not exactly RKBA, but too funny not to share.

Turn up your sound so you can hear everything.

“Oh, f##k, f##k.”

“I’m going to jail.”

“Please? Please?”

“Please? I’m sorry.”


But note: the clerk was on the phone as soon as she realized what was happening. And it took the police 10 minutes to arrive. 10 minutes can be a long time when you’re in danger and counting on someone else to save you. Fortunately, she had her act together and got everyone else out of danger.

Oh. And, uh, pro tip: shooting security locks open generally only works in movies.


2 thoughts on ““I’m going to jail.””

  1. A) That is a LOOONNGGG wait, and I’m sitting here with a lovely cup of Black Rifle Coffee and a cat in my lap. Glad I wasn’t some employee cornered and cowering in a back room.

    B)Too bad they don’t have something like a nice trained German Shepherd or Malinois as a store mascot to keep him company as he waited. He figured he’d have it easy, just women.

    C) Get used to the view of looking through bars. Though he was probably out the same day wasn’t he?

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