An editor/publisher gets it right

I’m accustomed to contacting reporters and editors regarding blatant lies, wrong terminology, and a lack of knowledge of the Constitution and existing laws. So it’s only fair to take notice when an editor seems to get everything right.

Meet Elaine Kolodziej, of the Wilson County News.

The Second Amendment and a common-sense approach to guns
“When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”

Unfortunately, this is reality. Still, in most instances, the procedure is simply to wait the minutes for that policeman (the good guy with a gun) to arrive.

An unreasonable fear of guns often prevents the good guys from carrying guns. We have “gun-free” zones — in theaters, in churches, and in schools — making easy targets.
The issue is not just “the gun,” or even a specific type of gun, because there are millions of guns out there now that have not killed people and never will kill people. It only happens when an emotionally disturbed person — or a person intent on evil — gets a gun. We have laws that are supposed to prevent this from happening.

In last week’s school shooting in Florida, there were failures from within the established system of laws that allowed it to happen. The most egregious of those was that the FBI failed to follow protocol after parents and students reported the suspect.


Yes, I did write to her and thank her for getting it right. And in further correspondence she got even more right.

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One thought on “An editor/publisher gets it right”

  1. Indeed… kudos to her.

    Except that a boat load of “laws” can NOT stop the evil ones from getting a weapon of any kind. They are born with two hands… one of the more deadly weapons ever.

    This insanity over the NICS thing, and the ranks of “prohibited” people is a distraction from the reality.

    As well, the “police” are only minutes away”… and are not in the least obligated to “save” anyone, or even show up. We all know that already.

    Here is what happened in Florida… far in excess of one or more coward “cops.” A direct conspiracy to enable the most incredible crime sprees.

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