This is a rights violator. Learn how to recognize them

Meet Harvey Sloane:

Mitch McConnell beat me by scaring people about gun control. Nothing has changed.
On Sept. 14, 1989 , a disgruntled 47-year-old pressman of Standard Gravure, a printing company in Louisville, entered the plant at 8:30 a.m. He carried four semiautomatic weapons, a revolver, a bayonet and several hundred rounds of ammunition. He shot 20 people, eight of whom died. He then killed himself. This was the deadliest mass shooting in Kentucky’s history.

Let’s clarify some things.

A man on Prozac, who had been diagnosed with mental illness and had a history of multiple suicide attempts, had stated his desire to kill someone at work. He had made deaths against people at work on multiple occasions. Armed with a semi-auto AK-variant, a 9mm Sig Sauer pistol, a S&W .38 revolver, two MAC-11 semi-auto pistols, and a bayonet, he killed 8 people at his former workplace, and injured 12, before killing himself (successfully, at last).

His family sued the Eli Lilly company, maker of Prozac, claiming the company failed to disclose adverse side effects contributing to the killer’s actions. When they obtained information on previous disclosure failures on the part of the company, Eli Lilly cut a secret deal with the family. The deal was concealed from the judge.

Harvey Sloane, failed senatorial candidate, does not blame the mentally ill man who should have been a prohibited person, nor the people who failed to report him. He does not blame Eli Lilly, the manufacturer of a drug with now known side effects that include violent impulses. He does not blame Sig Sauer, the pistol manufacturer. He does not blame Smith & Wesson, the revolver manufacturer. He does not blame the bayonet, nor its manufacturer.

He blames “assault weapons,” a class that did not even exist at the time, and does not now aside from a few states.

He believes that firearms purchase background checks do not include those prohibited due to mental illness, while refusing to acknowledge that when that happens it is a failure to report on the part of governments.

The ’94 “AWB” passed. It didn’t work. Firearms meeting even the expansively vague federal law’s definition were so rarely used in crimes before, during, and after the law’s effective dates, that no one could find a statistically significant effect, good or bad.

This is how to ID these victim-disarming rights violators:

  • They don’t blame the perpetrator.
  • They invent new things to blame.
  • They ignore facts.
  • Being unable to learn from historical fact, they demand a repeat of that which never worked.

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One thought on “This is a rights violator. Learn how to recognize them”

  1. You know, it makes me think of an old Irish blessing:
    “May those who love us, love us; and those who don’t love us, may G-d turn their hearts; and if He doesn’t turn their hearts, may he turn their ankles so we’ll know them by their limping.”

    If only it could be so simple…..

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