Suppressing the Past

I wish I could say I’m speechless. I’m not. It’s just most of the words that come to find are inappropriate for this site.

Jewish Anne Frank House Museum Employee Told to Remove Yarmulke
A Jewish employee of the Anne Frank House museum was told that he was not allowed to wear his kippa because it would conflict with the organisation’s “independent position” and might “influence” the message of combatting anti-Semitism.
“The Anne Frank Foundation is an independent organisation without religious ties. Those are directed at combating anti-Semitism. We did not want that, for example, a yarmulke would influence that message,” she added.

So I’ll just leave you with a couple of thoughts.

You want to know why 41% of Americans don’t know what Auschwitz is? Why they don’t really comprehend (at least as much as a sane person could) the Holocaust?

Bullshit (sorry)  like this — suppressing history — is why.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”


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4 thoughts on “Suppressing the Past”

  1. Holy S..t! Sorry, but I came here to bring a message that I just ran across, and what did you have posted but the very same thing. Talk about deja vu. I will leave you the link that I found as it also has some discussion about the fact that there is even more anti Semitic hatred going on, from the liberals through seemingly Jewish groups. What a shame, and what absolutely disgusting nonsense. But not surprising, is it?

  2. They want us dead. And the first step, learning from history, is to register then confiscate. Perhaps Alison needs a lesson or two in humility, and realize that the same oppression she wishes on others may be used against her. Or a lesson in on the Constitution. Or perhaps she is too far gone as a special unique snowflake. I just wonder what Camera Hogg will think of his antics in 20 years or so, will he realized he was used, or will he have continued to be a tool for others?

    Every time I see a Bernie/Hillary sticker on a car (too often a Pious, err, Prious), I know they want me dead.

    Train up. Teach your children.

    1. DML,
      I think that the Hogg kid can go one of two ways. He will either continue to be useful, and his image will be effective, and he will become a Democrat fixture for years to come. Or he will make a big mistake, or be shown to be useless, and the left will toss him aside like a used condom. They are not known for being loyal to those who have not helped them lately. This young man is getting on the nerves of those on the right, as he is not a very charming type of person. Time will tell if the left gets tired of his whiny, arrogant personality. You will know if they do, because he will be dropped into the bottomless pit of television, known only to Dan Rather and Brian Williams. Yes, that’s right, he will get a late night cable news show. Or possibly a prime time gig on MSNBC. Same thing.

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