A referral, not an endorsement

I have a column posted at my personal blog. It espouses a position not endorsed by The Zelman Partisans, which is why it’s on my blog. But I would like people to read it and think about it, and TZP does get more traffic than Random Acts of Gibberish.

Stop Pelosi? What difference does it make?

“Here’s the worst part: Anti-gun Democrats have a SIX-point lead on the generic ballot. It’s time to rally the patriots of the Silent Majority.”

“Will you pledge to keep the House of Representatives out of the hands of Nancy Pelosi?”

As opposed to anti-gun Republicans? Here’s the real problem. Democrats are anti-RKBA for obvious reasons. But so are the Republicans.

For the Republicans, the excuse is always “law and order,” and public safety. Officer safety. Looking like they “care.”

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5 thoughts on “A referral, not an endorsement”

  1. Believe it or not, I do pay attention to how some of the idiots in Washington vote. And I just read that the war hero John McCain said that now that he is dying, he can vote however he wants to, without worrying about getting re-elected. At first, I almost thought he was making a joke. He votes with the Democrats so much of the time, that you couldn’t be blamed if you were to think he was one.
    As to the NRA, I had been going back and forth about joining them again, simply to give them another number to add to their total membership. But the more I considered it, the more I started thinking not about their actions or their policies, but about the simple thing that they do, and that is grading of politicians. Guess what? They lose. When they give a politician like a Harry Reid a good grade on guns, and he is just the first name that popped into my head, it tells you that they are not doing their homework, but that there is some backroom dealing going on. And I simply refuse to endorse something like that.

    When you see some politician put up a bill that is so anti gun owner it makes you wish we had retroactive abortions in this country, and then find out that the NRA has given them an A rating, the first time you get confused, but after that you start to get angry, and then it continues to happen, more than a few times.

    I just got a letter in the mail on Friday, from our Libertarian candidate for the state senate here in Michigan. I happen to know who he is, and what he is all about. I have not spoken to him in years, but he might be the one that I start to get involved with. I am voting in the federal elections, but I am saving my energy for the state races. At the very least, I am a small fish in a not as big pond.

    I am almost wondering if it would have made a bit of difference if Hillary had been elected. I think that Donald Trump has had some successes, with North Korea looking like it could be the biggest one. Other than that, he has had to fight the congress on every single thing he tried to do, and he also screwed us on guns, although now that he is at the NRA meeting, of course he is all gun ho, guns for all, what ever. I didn’t trust him on guns before, and I still don’t, but I certainly don’t trust the Republicans on a damn thing anymore.

    Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Although we never said it with the word fool. I think that the other F word we used was more appropriate with what is going on right now.

    1. “Believe it or not, I do pay attention to how some of the idiots in Washington vote.”

      Making you one of the “politically aware gun owners.” It’s probably safe to assume that TZP regulars are.

      The folks at the NRAAM cheering LaPierre when he says stuff like this?

      “But over the last three decades, I’ve been right,” he said. “Everything I have predicted and warned gun owners about has either come true or is happening now.”

      Not so much. LaPierre could predict that because he enabled it. And the cheering throngs don’t even know it.

  2. I haven’t been watching, but did LaPierre raise his fist in the air while the masses cheered him on?
    I am just getting so sick and tired of getting crapped on by politicians, when they know damn well that we can see that the Emperor has no clothes, and yet they keep sending the same Emperor out there time and again with the same message. And I have to admit it to myself now, that I Effed up when I joined the GOA. All I get now is email and snail mail asking me for money, because the next big thing is coming. Every single day, the next big thing, always something different. I kick myself for letting them fool me again. I send a group a couple of dollars to join, and instead of using the money to lobby for gun rights, or such, or even to try and gain more members, they use the money to ask me for even MORE money. I don’t drink, pretty much not even a beer now and again, anymore. So I can’t plead that I was drunk when I sent them my twenty bucks. I hope that they enjoy the money, because no more will be coming from me.

    If they said, we have a big push, we are forcing a vote on reciprocity for CCW, and we need another 20$ from you to try and get that passed, then I might have thought hey, great, now we are doing something tangible. But these people are like the NRA and any of the other so called charitable groups out there. They exist to simply provide jobs for those at the top, and to raise money to continue to exist. The stated mission, if they have one, seems to be secondary. I hate to be militant, but they are forcing it on me. So from now on, I will try to no longer engage with the anti gun people, except for a heartfelt no. Or words to that effect. And the same for so called gun rights groups who do nothing but go along to get along.

    1. I’m a GOA member, too. The constant fundraising emails are a bit annoying, but I don’t class them the same as the NRA because they DO some actual pro-gun stuff. They DO help get the word out on important things, generally faster than the NRA. The NRA shafts gun owners, then begs money to fight what they just helped along. Plus…

      Money is important. TZP has a long list of projects (mostly Aaron-esque educational things) that we keep kicking down the road for lack of funds. TZP always meant to be more than a blog (and certainly not my personal blog; WE NEED MORE WRITERS PLEASE).

      I am disappointed in the GOA for taking as long as they did to catch on to the semiauto problem with the bump-fire rule. They did see the trouble with rate of fire, but it took them a while to extend that to, “Oh heck, PARTS. The firearm itself is PART of a bump-fire system. If that goes, then anything that can be bump-fired could be a ‘machinegun’ under that insane definition.” (I’d like to believe I had something to do with them seeing the light (their revelation came shortly after I started sending them emails on the subject), but honestly, I’m such small fry I’m sure they never noticed me. Certainly I never received a reply.)

  3. Agree. Act locally. I had the pleasure to meet and befriend the man who, after years of under-appreciated hard work, got “Constitutional Carry” to be the law of the land in Maine. Blood did not run in the streets, people weren’t shooting each other parking spots. The did hold at gun point several gangbangers that had a shootout at Walmart. There must be something poisonous in DC. But do not forget your state legislators, they are much more likely to make time to meet you in their office, at least without substantial campaign contribution.

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