Bump-Fire Rule: If you have not commented, do so

The Brady Campaign to Protect Violent Criminals plans some late comment period “ballot stuffing.” If comments mean anything — which I doubt, or this would not have been proposed — you should make sure your thoughts are known.

Pro-gun voices dominate in debate over Trump’s bump-stock ban
Of the more than 17,000 public comments received so far by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), a review by Reuters of 4,200 turned up only 10 favoring the bump stock ban. Almost all the rest criticized the proposal as heavy-handed, unnecessary or unconstitutional.
“We are rallying our members and we will be putting in a whole additional series of comments,” said Avery Gardiner, co-president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, a Washington-based group dedicated to reducing gun deaths.

“The numbers will shift,” Gardiner said.

99.762 against, with logical, legal, and constitutional reasoning. 0.238% in favor, with… feelz. Therefore it will be implemented, is my guess.

It won’t help when the gun controllers start their commenting campaign. Expect to see a lot of last minute identically-worded rants about machineguns, probably from bots.

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3 thoughts on “Bump-Fire Rule: If you have not commented, do so”

  1. I have already commented on this. But I am still concerned that the conservative voices in D.C. are ignoring the truth about bump stocks vs. what the gun grabbers are trying to accomplish.
    I know that they will stop at nothing to try and get all guns taken away from civilians. But it is sad the right wing isn’t fighting them on this one.
    And of course, the NRA as always is out to lunch.
    On a better note, last week I bought a couple of hundred rounds of 9 mm ball ammo, and tonight I just ordered some ammo and another magazine for my semi auto
    .22 caliber rifle. I think I have about 1000 rounds of 9 mm and will soon have some 300 rounds of .45 ACP. Next week is more .22 caliber ammo.
    I am just trying to be proactive, before the government gets to doing something more stupid than normal.
    I don’t need a warehouse full of ammo, just enough to be set if there is another shortage

    1. I’m slightly ahead of you there, and I’m following the same rationale.

      That last shortage dragged on for over two years…longer for .22. I swore I’d build up 10K rounds gradually when I could, and I am just about there.

  2. What does truth have to do with politics? The Venn diagram of truth and politics might look like a sloppily dawn 8, or as put somewhere, the business end of a 12 gauge side by side. If I say my dog’s tail is a leg, he still only has 4 legs, not 5. It is Orwellian use of language as a means to their ends. And their ends probably stops beyond gun confiscation.

    Bulk ammo is the way to go, I’m told. Life should not copy art when the movie is Schindler’s List, where only the police and military have firearms.

    And I think Boston T Party said that considering 1000 rounds, he would rather have 900 spent in training, leaving him with 100 rounds, than spend 100 rounds in training and have 900.

    Train up, better 100 effective shots than 900 misses.

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