Keep guns out of dangerous people’s hands
Groups that support restrictions on firearms might be tempted to go too far in the wake of tragedy. Gun control opponents reflexively oppose any restriction. They call this one a gun confiscation act, despite the many safeguards it would put in place. For them, sandpaper is slippery slope.


  • pre-1968: If there is sufficient evidence of a crime having been committed, you’ll be disarmed when arrested
  • 1968: If you’re convicted of a serious crime, a felony, you’ll lose your 2A rights
  • 1997: If you’re convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence, you’ll lose your 2A rights
  • 1998: You have to preemptively prove you were never convicted of a felony or domestic violence before exercising your right to purchase a firearm
  • 2018: If someone makes an accusation, lacking sufficient evidence to make an arrest, you’ll lose your 2A rights

At this rate, by 2054, if two out of three freaks in a bath tub make an unsubstantiated claim that you might do something in the future, you’ll lose your 2A rights.

Skiing Downhill ca. 2001 Colorado, USA

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