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I’ve been reading a really good book lately. The Case for Judaism, it’s not a very large book and is quite readable. It covers several different topics, but the one that I’m thinking of right now is on laws, government, voting and freedom. How perspectives on what is right and what is wrong can change with time. America is a country founded on Judeo-Christian principles which came from the Torah given on Mt. Sinai, we just celebrated Chag Shavuot, the holiday that celebrates the giving on the Torah.

One topic in the book is about the role of Torah and another on Defining Morality. It points out that Torah, is a teaching book, not a history book. Torah is spelled תורה and teacher is spelled מורה thus they share the same root Torah and Morah or Moray depending on if its a female or male teacher. It’s laws for a society to have a decent civilization that can lead to peace, prosperity and fairness. The Torah hasn’t changed since it was given. My understanding may change as I learn more and study, but Torah doesn’t. G-d’s word stands solid.

Compare that to man’s laws. If we go only by those, in the section of Defining Morality, we can see that those change depending on who is ruling, or in charge at the time. What is evil or good, what is acceptable or unacceptable varies. Man (and woman) change their mind from time to time, chocolate bar or Hershey’s kisses? These are variable choices. While the author doesn’t get into the debate of abortion right or wrong, moral or immoral, he uses it to point out that sixty years ago it was considered immoral and wrong. Now it is considered wrong to take away a woman’s right to choose. A few thousand years ago throwing people to lions to be eaten alive in front of Roman crowds was a day of wholesome fun for the whole family, kids and all. Today unless we are talking about progressives and the media treating conservatives in such a manner, that sort of thing is frowned upon. The author suggests that man’s flip-flopping moral code is the result of man deciding what he wants and what is best for himself at that time. G-d’s law, is not changeable.

Do not kill.

Around 20th April this year, a 49 year old Grandmother, Anji Rhys, used a crossbow to defend her family. She’s being called Grandbo. Her hobby is shooting her crossbow in her garden. She feels it to be relaxing, and since Britain is basically one big gun-free (except for the criminals) zone, she liked the idea of having something for self-defense. A pack of machete wielding yobs kicked in their door and came at her and another resident demanding their stash of weed. I guess they thought you could explain to them they were at the wrong “joint”. Yeah, sorry. Since they are unable to have a gun to defend themselves, Anji originally grabbed the crossbow to keep them from getting and deploying the quarrel or bolt. She ended up discharging the 6 inch quarrel into one of the machete wielding intruders. But, I suppose you could hear it straight from her.

I guess you could say she used a quarrel to settle the quarrel. I know, that’s twice.

I found a couple of her statements to be rather frightening.

‘A crossbow is a one shot thing and then it’s useless. After that I tried to throw it through the window to raise an alarm but it got caught in the curtains like a goalie net.

Since there were 3 others, that would be pretty disconcerting for me. One shot and done? Yesh. The other kind of had me scratching my head.

‘I think all of us should have something you can strike back with. Not necessarily a weapon. I think the best defence is CCTV.

Huh? Say what? Do you….throw it at them??

The police do not yet have them in custody but they did let Anji keep her crossbow and told her well done, her family is all okay and her 82 year old Mom slept through it. This was around 20th April.

And…on the 14th of May this year. Deadly crossbows sold on High Street without need for a licence or background checks. Gasp, sharp inhaling through the teeth, with the slow whistling exhale.

DEADLY assault rifle-style crossbows are available on high streets and online without any need for a licence or background checks. Today the Daily Express launches a crusade calling on the Government to crack down on the sale of the potentially lethal weapons which can be bought without having to give details of identity or a reason for their use.

We were able to visit a shop yards from one of Britain’s busiest city centre high streets and buy a high-velocity 175lb Panther crossbow which boasts the promise “Built for power”.

The terrifying weapon, bought in Leeds, is capable of hitting a target with its aluminium-pointed bolts at 500 yards.

Like many other brands it comes with a telescopic sight to make aiming easier and is designed to be as straightforward as possible to shoot.

Experts say they are more powerful than some air rifles that have to be licensed.

Ok, now this is my shocked face.

MPs have backed the Daily Express campaign and urged the Government to ban the deadly “sporting devices” saying there was “no reason” for them to be on sale to the general public.

Last week Rachael Maskell, 45, MP for York Central, penned a letter to the new home secretary Sajid Javid urging tough rules be introduced to stop their easy availability.

They were astonished, astonished I say to find that you could buy smaller versions of them as…..wait for it, toys. History of the crossbow.

Man’s laws and opinions. At one time the crossbow was a perfectly respectable device and part of Britain’s history. The media and their government can’t get rid of that fast enough. I wonder if the Sheriff of Nottingham is still in charge?

Less than a month after a woman uses a crossbow to defend 4 innocent lives from 4 machete wielding yobs the media and apparently the “rulers” of the subjects are incensed that people have access to this deadly device. Apparently the media and some Members of Parliament have more concern and mercy for the thugs than innocent people just sitting home watching their tellys.

From Chabad,

In light of the above, it is surprising to find the following law in the Torah (derived from Deuteronomy 22:26): Habah l’hargecha hashkem l’hargo — “If someone is coming to kill you, rise against him and kill him first.” (This law applies equally to someone coming to kill someone else — you’re obligated to kill the murderer in order to save his intended victim.)

This law seems to contradict the principle of life’s infinite value. If no life can be deemed less valuable that any other, what makes the victim’s life more valuable than the murderer’s life? Furthermore, this rule applies to anyone who is “coming to kill you” — he hasn’t even done anything yet! Maybe he won’t succeed? Maybe he’ll change his mind? Nor does the law say anything about trying to run away. It says: If someone is coming to kill you, rise against him and kill him first.

The same Torah that tells us that G‑d placed a spark of Himself in every human being, thereby bestowing upon his or her physical existence a G‑dly, infinite worth — that same Torah also tells us that G‑d has granted free choice to every person. Including the choice — and the power — to corrupt his or her G‑d-given vitality and turn it against itself, using it to destroy life. A person can choose to turn himself into a murderer — someone who is prepared to destroy life in order to achieve his aims. In which case he is no longer a life, but an anti-life.

To kill an anti-life is not a life-destroying act, it is a life-preserving act. It is not a violation of the commandment “Do not kill,” but its affirmation. Without the law, “If someone is coming to kill you, rise against him and kill him first,” the principle of life’s infinite value is nothing more than an empty slogan, a mere idea.

Judaism is not an idea. It is a way of life — G‑d’s ideas made real.

Emphasis mine. For some reason, much of the media and elected officials seem far more concerned with the lives and well being of the criminals than those of the law-abiding. This is not just a British phenomena either.

Media love for MS-13 and Hamass









I believe I will go with Torah on this.


4 thoughts on “Feeling Cross”

  1. Why do I not find this hard to believe, that the Brits are trying to ban the one thing that someone used in a self defense situation? It is a wonder that the police didn’t not only take her crossbow, but raid her kitchen and steal all of her cutlery, as well. Plus, when is formerly Great Britain going to start making all beverages sold there, to be bottled not in glass bottles, but in plastic. You realize that a bottle of wine, once empty, can then become a dangerous weapon, all the miscreant need do is to break it on the sidewalk and then they have a sharp implement with which to stab some poor, innocent person who’s only desire was to have a little bit of fun, dragging the woman down a dark alley and raping her, and she has the audacity to try and cut off his male appendage, making the choice of sex for him that he himself made at the age of 4 with the input of his ever so loving and supportive non judgemental parental units.
    Another plus is that while not quite as easily breakable to use as an edged weapon, the plastic wine bottle is actually superior to glass if filled with petrol and stuffed with cloth, and then tossed as a Molotov cocktail. The bottle will not break, spewing flaming gasoline and flames, but what should happen is that the bottle will instead explode, causing a much wider dispersal of that flaming bastion of freedom. Hoo- ray for freedom fighters everywhere .
    Honestly, is Britain of today even related to the Great Britain that I read about in school, the one with Winston Churchill, and the strength of character in the face of firebombs falling on London nearly every night? I truly loved that Britain, the one that we stood arm and arm with on the battlefield , ready to give our entire nations last life, if need be, in the face of a danger from a tyranny of the worst kind, one where you had no freedom, and the state told you what you could and could not do.
    How very sad that the once proud nation that the sun never set upon, is not the nation that the sun never truly shines the light of freedom upon it. May we pray that it is not to remain that way, and that perhaps our own nation leads the way out of this lack of freedom, for we are not far from following their lead down the path to tyranny.

  2. Those who want to take away our right to defend ourselves are really only following the dictates of their religion, a religion that worships government.

    No one needs to be able to defend themselves when God is right here on earth with us, government will take care of you, all you need to do is believe!

    But please the last one in close the cattle car door there may be a draft, I don’t want no cold you know.

  3. I just put up a column by John Lott about the religions of Mass Public Shooters. Most of them aren’t. I think a lot of people do think of government as their G-d. Therefore if their government says they have no human right to self defense, well then. The law abiding pacifist will jump with joy in the happy knowledge that they will be safe from the “gun nuts” and like an episode of Adam-12 the police will always arrive right on time. The human with evil intent in his heart and mind will rejoice at the plethora of easy pickings. The people of The Book (Jews and Christians) who are realistic will sigh and continue the fight. We’ve only to look at Britain, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Spain, France and see how this plays out. No thank you.
    It astonishes and saddens me the number of observant people who believe being armed, guns and self-defense is “wrong”. It is not, it is commanded if we can save a life, we must.
    PS: Pigpen, beer bottles are dandy as well.

    1. I have actually not been in any kind of a fight as an adult. The last time I punched another man was as a 17 year old high school football player. I was blocking for our running back, who got tackled on the sidelines, and the other teams player ran by him and kicked him in the side. The refs did not see it and so I was by him and punched him as hard as I could in the face mask. It hurt my hand like crazy, but the other guy nearly fell over, I hit him so hard. And I was not a violent person, but I wanted to protect my team mate.
      I am actually a rather peaceful person, who due to playing sports in school, had some kind of reputation as being tough, and so never had anyone try to pick a fight with me. And I was always taking the side of the underdog, making sure that no one could pick on the weaker person in my presence. It was just who I was, and remain to this day. Part of it is my parents example, and part of it I owe to giving my life to God at a young age, and I can look back and see His hand of protection in my life, keeping me from getting involved in things that would harm me. I have a twin brother, and he was into drugs and alcohol, and got a younger girl pregnant while we were still in school. I actually tried to give my parents counsel on how to handle the situation. I guess I have always been different. Not better, just different. I was well liked not only by my peers, but by my teachers also. I was voted the best athlete in school my senior year in school, as voted by all the school staff, and it was the only time it was a unanimous vote. The principal and I were friends, he taught me ham radio, and he told me it was based upon character just as much as my athletic ability. He stressed that it was not a knock on my athletic ability, but I was much prouder of the character part. Because even though I had chances to play football in college, that I did not take, that would eventually cease, but character is something that follows you forever.

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