Well, harumph, we do have our standards

One of the facebook groups I belong to will have members that from time to time post links to some pretty egregious anti-semitic posts on facebook or twitter. I know this is shocking considering how many people I know that have done nothing more than post a news article to a crime someone from the religion of pieces has committed and have been put in facebook jail. Usually a violent and bloody crime by the way. So this member posted about 20 links to different facebook accounts. Pretty much all of them had the same thing. A graphic with a knife dripping blood, and a prayer, which, could be translated from Arabic. The gist of the prayer is oh Allah, come a kill all the Jews, let the streets run with their blood, yada yada yada. Being a sensitive soul, I took offense. So I did what everyone else was suppose to be doing with this, we reported it. Wish I had taken a screenshot of it for you, but I didn’t intend for it to become part of a column. The post is now gone happily, but sadly for my multimedia portion of the column. Love those graphics. To my utter shock and amazement, yes I am kidding, facebook said “We reviewed your report of XXXXXXXX” it apparently doesn’t violate their community standards and is not hate speech and they suggest I just block him. Fine, how’s about I use a Centurion tank, s’ok?

Now, why did this rather unsurprising incident wind up in a column? Would you like to know what does trigger facebook’s delicate sensibilities and violate their hate speech rule? The Declaration of Independence. America’s Declaration of Independence.

Facebook labels newspaper’s post ‘hate speech’; It was the Declaration of Independence

The Liberty County Vindicator had been posting excerpts of the Declaration of Independence daily leading up to July 4th. The first nine posts were published without a problem. The 10th post, which included paragraphs 27 through 31 of the Declaration of Independence, was deleted by Facebook.

According to Casey Stinnett, The Vindicator’s managing editor, the paper received a notice from Facebook that said the post “goes against our standards on hate speech.”

Hate speech, ok, so praying to Allah to kill all the Jews and blood run through the streets like a gully washer isn’t hate speech. What is?

“While The Vindicator cannot be certain exactly what triggered Facebook’s filtering program, the editor suspects it was most likely the phrase ‘Indian savages,'” Stinnett said in the statement. “Perhaps had Thomas Jefferson written it as ‘Native Americans at a challenging stage of cultural development’ that would have been better.”

He blamed the incident on an “automated action.”

“The removal of the post was an automated action,” Stinnett wrote. “If any human being working at Facebook were to review it, no doubt the post would be allowed.”

Casey, you have far more faith and trust in facebook than I do. Because I think if the monitoring team had realized it was The Declaration of Independence, they would have gone back and taken down posts 1-9 as well. Harumph, they do after all, have their standards.



5 thoughts on “Well, harumph, we do have our standards”

  1. If any human being worked at FecesBook? I think that it should read, ” If any THINKING human being worked at FecesBook”.
    And I am surprised that the powers that be over at the social media mecca did not thank you for not only making the complaint, but for identifying yourself to them, so that they can keep an eye on your subversive self.
    I am surprised that Mark Zuckerberg himself didn’t contact you directly, and assure you that they take concerns such as this, VERY seriously, and you can rest easily that they will do what is necessary to fix the problem and ensure that it doesn’t happen again. In other words, make sure that you lock your doors at night, and don’t open any suspicious packages.

  2. I have only one thing to say to F***b*** and that is zuck you!

    The good news is I don’t do it and never will!

  3. Rabbi said something during his teaching on Parsha Pinchas on Shabbat that really was good. OK, it was all good, but this part he said people think that the open minded, compassionate, tolerant thing is to say there are no differences between peoples and culture. We are all humanity and equal and the same, open borders! This is NOT correct, the compassionate thing is to admit and accept that there are differences between cultures and you do not assimilate with one that does not value life or holy things. That’s kind of paraphrased.

    Now you understand my great love for Judah Macabee vs the Hellenistic Jews. Because Zuck’s fecesbook is a perfect illustration. I’m hoping MeWe will take off even more as it is what fecesbook could have been if it weren’t run by ideology and rabid liberals.

  4. Sheila, I am on MeWe, but it is still limited in it’s usefulness. I also hope that the time comes that it rivals the other less free social network.
    I ran across this post online today, and thought it important enough to bring it here and have someone with more on the ball than I look into it. I always wondered why things were the way they are in Israel, and now it seems that there is a positive change.

  5. I saw that article on Arutz Sheva (Channel 7) yesterday. I like Amir Ohana a lot, he’s a Likud member and a stanch believer in armed citizens. And while this is a slight improvement, 50 bullets? Really? I prefer Moshe Feiglin of Zehut’s stance which is more along the lines of “Why don’t you trust the citizens with guns?” <<paraphrased. Armed citizens have stopped several attacks in Israel, and I'm convinced they need to hand them out like candy at trick or treat to the residents living along the Gaza border. Make a big deal of it, see how anxious those paid hamass operatives are to break through the border then. Every man woman and child 16 or over is armed. And waiting.

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