The stupid, it burns.

I’m getting a little burned out lately from dealing with stupidity, so pardon me if this gets a little rough around the edges.

Or the middle.

Gun controller dimwits are going nuts over the possibilty of DefDist putting its 3D printer files back online. A group of technologically-ignorant idiots tried to get an injunction to block the release; it was denied for lack of standing since no one has ever demonstrated being injured by a 3D-printed gun used in crime. I’m tempted to point them at the gun plans on Amazon just to watch all of their little pointy heads explode. And maybe at Lowes. And then the merchants of death of the plumbing industry can lobby for a Protection of Lawful Commerce in Pipe Act.

New Jersey sent DefDist a cease & desist letter, because no NJ gangbanger ever built a zip gun from pipe.

Pennsylvania convinced DefDist to block download from the SSRPA. Now they have to convince every VPN and proxy company in the world to block PA, to make that effective. Hey, they’ve had 16 years years to figure it out. Now all they need is a law against illegal drugs, murder, robbery crime and they’ll achieve frickin’ Utopia.

Except people have been generating printer files and experimenting with no designs the whole time the State Department had DefDist offline… to prevent export of gun designs. Domestic use is peachy, and not regulated by ITAR.

The aptly named name Hello Giggles fears undetectable plastic printed AR-15s. 1) I challenge Ms. Sheffer to produce a wholey plastic, printed, working AR. 2) And do it without falling afoul of the thirty year-old law against “undetectable” plastic guns… or ceramic Glocks, or whatever makes the panty-pissers dampen their drawers next.

Noted international ballistics experts Anthony A. Braga, PhD and Philip J. Cook, PhD have discovered that diameter is the single most deadly characteristic of bullets; .356″ diameter rounds being much deadlier than .356″. I referred them to Marshall & Sanow’s Handgun Stopping Power: The Definitive Study, and attempted to explain the difference between “caliber” and “cartridge.” No response, so the dumbasses are probably still parsing the big words.

Last month, WDIV’s Amber Ainsworth reported that someone carjacked a van using a machinegun, specifically a “MAC-10.” Since neither the gunman (who apparently never fired a shot) nor the weapon have been found, I wondered how they made that determination. Neither Amber, clearly a mainstreaming hire from McDonalds’ program, nor her director bothered to reply. Neither did the DPD or the ATF (who ought to have heard something about an illicit NFA firearm used in a crime).

Amusingly, while trying find more detail on that incident, I ran across an earlier report of yet another “machinegun” used in a Detroit crime; this one was identified as an Uzi submachinegun.

The evidence photo was of a semiauto “MAC-10” variant. And they say fake news is a hoax.

As mentioned earlier, the federal government’s assorted button counters can’t agree on the number of buttons people murdered with firearms, disagreeing by nearly four thousand bodies.

Ah, well. It isn’t as though the government can figure out how many of those dead folks are still voting in Chicago and elsewhere either. Probably for more gun control.

Apparently the NRA is still growing by leaps and bounds. Pew-ie Research says its now at 14,125,392 members. LaPierre and Cox are now wracking their tiny brains trying figure out how to collect the dues from all of them, and buy new limos.

Joseph Wyatt, Professor of Psychology at Marshall University, thinks it’s high time schools were made gun-free zones. He also wants all clips limited to 10 rounds. Garand owners say, “Sure. What the heck.”

Over at Childish Vogue, “Prince Shakur” is under the impression that “Gun shows are conventions where both licensed and unlicensed firearms dealers are allowed to sell firearms.” And that’s the high point of his comprehension of Federal Firearms Licensing.

Sadly, Georgia state rep Jason Spencer is the face of pro-RKBA for the media. With “friends like these…” He should have subscribed to the TZP newsletter, too. But he’s always been such a dipstick that even that wouldn’t have saved him from making — a further — um, ass of himself.

The Actuary Magazine makes the case for firearms liability insurance because total firearms deaths and injuries from murder, suicide, accidents, and justifiable homicide exceeds deaths in motor vehicle accident deaths. No word on why they want existing firearms liability insurance programs shut down, if it’s such a great idea.

Randy Bryce, running for Congress in Wisconsin, thinks felons, domestic abusers, and the mentally incompetent should be barred from firearms possession, which not only puts him right up there with Chuck Schumer, who forgot he voted for the Undetectable Firearms Act, but probably ought to make him a prohibited person due to mental incompetence. But fully qualified to be a congresscreep.

Of course there’s the perpetual denial of little facts like most crime (and especially murders) being committed by repeat offenders, mostly convicted felon prohibited persons; or that despite an uptick in crime in Democratic strongholds crime is still near its lowest in decades (school shootings, too, Parkland Pussies)… therefore we need more laws for crooks to ignore and to violate the rights of the millions not committing the crimes.

“Common sense” my white-privileged, cis-gendered, patriarchic ass.

— sigh —

I mentioned earlier that folks could contribute to the cause to enable me to conduct further research into RKBA issues. Forget it. Kick in to buy me scotch.

Here. Have some heavily armed cats.


6 thoughts on “The stupid, it burns.”

  1. I do get your point … but there is a typographical error in your post which deserves mention:

    “”… diameter is the single most deadly characteristic of bullets; .356″ diameter rounds being much deadlier than .356″… “”

    I suspect that you are referring to the generally accepted usage that “.355” refers to the 9mm, while “.356” denotes the .38 Special cartridge, and “.357” is used for commercial designation of the .357 Magnum.

    The point you are making is that the bullet diameter is immaterial, but the cartridge (and platform) of the three bullet diameters doesn’t make a whit of difference: the importance of the cartridge (and the firearm) goes far beyond the actual bullet diameter … and those differences may be significant.

    I apologise for nit-picking an otherwise useful article. But your point is obscured by a small typographical error. I would be grateful to see your correction.

    1. Actually… No; not a typo. I checked several reloading supplier sites and found .380/.38/9mm bullets with listed diameters of .356″. (And other dimensions, but all within one or two thousandths of an inch.)

      I could even have stated that a .356″ bullet in “.380″ is — by their study — less deadly than a .355” bullet in 9mm, completely reversing their “finding” that bigger is deadlier.

  2. Sigh… Yea, let’s by all means ban 3-D firearms. It just worked out wonderfully when alcohol was banned in the 1920’s and drugs were banned in the 1960’s right? People who never learn from history are the stupidest of all.

  3. My degree is in Professional Gunsmithing. I could make a functional gun out of stuff in my garage easier and cheaper than obtaining the necessities and producing an oversized single shot .380 with a service life in the single digits.

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