Deprivation of Rights Is Suddenly a Bad Thing?

Young Mister Hogg, speaking at the Toronto International Film Festival, made the astonishing — for him — assertion that people should not be deprived of human/civil rights because of a mere felony conviction.

“I think the most important thing to realize, however, is the problems we face as a country, whether it be water in Flint, Michigan or the mass amount of mass incarceration of people of color that can’t vote. In Florida, the number of eligible African Americans that would otherwise be eligible to vote but can’t because of a previous conviction is 21 percent. In Kentucky it’s 26 percent. In Mississippi and Alabama it’s 15 to 16 percent.”

I personally subscribe to the notion that anyone who can’t be trusted with a firearm should not be on the street without a keeper. If they’re safe to be on the loose, they’re safe to exercise constitutionally protected rights. Whether that’s voting or bearingdefensive arms.

I’m pleased to see that Hogg agr… oh. Wait.

“Why didn’t you ban bump-stocks and raise the age to purchase firearm to 21 when you said you would?”

We’ll leave aside for the moment the fact that the befuddled boy has no idea of how our constitutional representative republic works, and that no president has the lawful power to do that. And if he did rule by edict, Hogg would probably call him a dictator; “Hitler” even.

Hogg is outraged that those convicted of felonies lose rights. But stripping Second Amendment rights from people never convicted of any crime is a good thing?

This is the punk who wants the voting age lowered to 16 so they can vote to raise the age to exercise the right to keep and bear arms.

Eighteen year-olds are too immature to safely operate a simple device with three or four controls, but sixteen year-olds can operate massive motor vehicles with a plethora of controls to manipulate?

If they cannot master arms, then they certainly can’t be trusted with the far more complex instruments of democracy.

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3 thoughts on “Deprivation of Rights Is Suddenly a Bad Thing?”

  1. Young Mr. Hogg was given an object lesson in deprivation of rights early on, when the Broward School District required all students to carry transparent plastic backpacks in response to a certain Scumbag who had been disciplined for bringing contraband into his school (said Scumbag went on to commit the now-infamous shooting that was Mr. Hogg’s catalyst and launchpad into the public eye).

    He said that enforcing a transparent backpack rule infringes on students’ First Amendment rights. Expanding that argument, depriving everyone’s rights due to the actions of one Scumbag should not be allowed.

    Yet, he is still saying that everyone’s Second Amendment rights should be restricted, due to the actions of that same Scumbag.

    He didn’t see the hypocrisy irony then, and he still doesn’t see it now that he’s touring the country advocating limits on the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, surrounded by armed guards.

    So yes, the fact that he doesn’t see the conflict between the beliefs that 18-to-20-year-olds aren’t responsible enough to effect their own safety, but that 16-year-olds are responsible enough to run a country of 330 million citizens, is no surprise.

    He’s 18 now, but the shooting happened when he was 17. He probably felt powerless at the time. I can understand that.

    But powerlessness alone doesn’t fuel a movement, and now that he’s 18 and can legally vote, and has armed guards with him everywhere he goes, demanding the denial of 2A rights until age 21 just reeks of an, “I’ve got mine, you don’t need yours,” attitude.

    IOW, elitism.

    He’s an elite, you’re not. Ergo, he needs firearms to defend his life, but you don’t need firearms to defend yours. And he needs First Amendment rights to speak out and Fourth Amendment rights to be free from searches, but you don’t because you don’t get to disagree.

    How … original. Collectivists come in all shapes and sizes, but inside they’re all the same.

  2. Why, at this point, would ANYONE expect the progressive agenda to make sense?

    Only the end result matters – a disarmed citizenry under a totalitarian global progressive socialist militarized nazi police state.

  3. Hogg,as in pig,as in the tyrannical Napolean from Orwell’s Animal Farm. That pretty much sums up this self important little fucktard!

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