Let’s play “Find the School Shooting” again

It’s time to guess how many of Everytown Dances In the Blood’s “school shootings” are anything resembling actual school shootings.

By Everytown’s definition, all of these do count as school shootings. But half of them were essentially after hours street shootings involving non-students. Some on public streets that happen to be within a college campus radius. Another one was only a “school shooting” because a stray round — not intended for the school — hit a window after hours; I won’t count that, intent matters. So that’s 60% of Everytown’s “school shootings” that aren’t.

So they score a measly 40% this time.

In February, 2018, they scored 71%.

In August, 2018, they scored a possible 50%.

Now they’re down to 40%, as they scrape and dig desperately for scary numbers to drive their victim disarmament agenda.

A centralized listing of real school shootings — as normal, sane, unbiased people would understand the term — would be useful. Everytown can’t and won’t do that. Because adult thugs shooting each other on the weekend don’t scare parents and students as much as often-imaginary shootings in school.

But if Everytown deciders they can and will provide decent data, they could use this definition:

A shooting which directly involves students, staff, or visitors to the school (not just someone on the property) on school property; at a school-sponsored event on school property; or where the school, students, or staff were intended targets on school property. After-hours incidents unrelated to the school other than location will not be included. Separate lists for high/middle/elementary schools and colleges/universities generally staffed and attended by adults will be maintained, to make more clear the threats to minors.

They could, but they won’t.

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One thought on “Let’s play “Find the School Shooting” again”

  1. Someone there excels at “spin” and has a vivid imagination and creative writing skills. Morals and ethics? Meh, not so much.

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