Oh, puck it.

I thought the school that put buckets of rocks in the classrooms to “protect” students was pretty bad… and dumber than a box of rocks, as the saying goes.

The school that asked students to bring in canned goods for the purpose was worse (and in violation of their own “no weapons” rules).

But this: A university, full of putative adults, some of whom could lawfully carry effective weapons if allowed

Puck it.

No; I mean it. They’ll puck up an active shooter.

Faculty trained to use hockey pucks to thwart shooters
Faculty members at Oakland University in suburban Detroit have received hockey pucks and are being trained to use them to potentially thwart active shooters.
The faculty union also is working with student groups to distribute an additional 1,700 pucks to students.

You know what would work? Letting the honest folks carry guns for defense. 10 out of 10 dead murderers never re-offend.

Maybe I’ve misunderstood the situation. Could they be doing something so suicidally ridiculous to call lawmakers’ attention to the fact that they’ve rendered campuses into helpless-target rich environments?

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4 thoughts on “Oh, puck it.”

  1. It doesn’t actually surprise me, since I live in Michigan. Anything near Detroit is pretty much pointless. Even our sports teams from there are horribly bad. Perhaps they are hoping that at least a couple of the students show a spark of talent with the hockey pucks, and can be drafted to the Red Wings.
    Unless they put some kind of contact explosive in those pucks, or have them made up like a claymore mine, with this side towards the shooter, and a proximity switch on them, then I think they would be better off getting some of those middle school kids with their buckets of river rocks.
    I can’t go on. I just cannot believe how really stupid these leftists are. I am past the time of taking college classes. But if I were going to do so again, I would have a small pocket pistol, and I would take my chances getting caught and kicked off the campus, rather than have to sit and watch as some scumbucket shot up a bunch of fellow students. I keep waiting for such a thing to happen during an active shooter event, to see how the media will play off of that. It would be something to see, the media is showing live scenes at a hospital or school, and all of a sudden, the bad guy gets his head vented, by a sheepdog, who refused to be unarmed. I wonder how long it would take for the police to arrest the good guy?

  2. Ohhh, the fun I had making tags for this one on social media….thank you Bear! This was darn good cheap entertainment off a great column.

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