Bump-Fire Rule Pending

For some reason, the coming rule banning bump-fire stocks is all over the news, as if it’s something new. Maybe it is to some of these people, but The Zelman Partisans have been on this since October of last year.

The only new data I see is this bit from CNN, which does appear to answer one question.

Under the new rule, bump stock owners would be required to destroy or surrender the devices to authorities. Members of the public will be given 90 days to turn in or otherwise discard their bump stocks, according to a source familiar with the final rule.

Instead of making instant NFA felons out of bump-fire stock owners, they’ll have 90 days to get rid of their expensive gadgets.

How generous.

Earlier this month I noted an amusing typo in the rule notice.

It is anticipated that the rule will cost $129,222,483 million in the first year (the year with the highest costs).


I expected that “typo” to be fixed once I brought it to their attention (and people laughed). I stand corrected: It is not a typographical error.

I believe that must be the anticipated litigation cost of defending a rule based on an outright lie, and contradicting US Code, against hundreds of thousands of bump-fire stock owners (a guesstimate based on other folks’ guesstimates of more than half a million stocks in circulation).


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