About that “federal memo” on bump stocks

A few days ago, KSTP in Minnesota reported that they “obtained a federal memo detailing the new ban on bump stocks.”

The memo, circulated by the Department of Justice, is being sent to law enforcement agencies and gun shops with a federal firearms license.

This topic is of great interest to me, so I was disappointed that they didn’t publish a copy of the memo. I wrote to the reporter and suggested they do so. Failing that, I asked for a copy.


Then they published a new story.

Feds mum on bump stock ban memo obtained by KSTP
The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives in Washington, D.C. declined to comment on a memo, obtained by KSTP on Monday, detailing a new federal ban on the sale and possession of bump stocks.

But they still won’t publish the memo.

Oddly enough, I haven’t seen any other reports — news, forum, or blog — about any FFLs getting the memo. So… off to a few of my local gun stores.

No FFL dealer I spoke to has received the supposed memo. Not “We can neither confirm nor deny,” but “Nope. Haven’t seen anything like that at all.” Nothing about bump-fire or bans. One even pointed out that if a guidance memo had been sent to thousands of FFLs there is no reason not to publish it.

I asked folks to check with FFLs in their own areas. As yet, nothing; no report of an FFL receiving KSTP’s mysterious memo.

Did KSTP get suckered, or misinterpret what they got? If it’s real, is it somehow “classified” such that FFLs can’t or won’t admit having it yet (would that even be legal)?

If the former, KSTP should admit it.

In the latter case, I think Americans should definitely see what plans the feds wish kept secret. And KSTP should definitely publish it (with necessary redactions to protect the source).

If you have seen this memo, please forward a copy to me. Again, you can redact your identifying information, or I can and will do so. I will not reveal the source without your permission.


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