I was cruising the usual gun bloggers for newsletter fodder last week and came across this.

“Expropriation Without Compensation” is Theft
There is no voice of reason. One guy is worried it will stop foreign investment. (Really? Just because you steal things that have been in another’s possession for generations, you think people might be turned off by that?)

When I saw the post title, and knowing that a big expropriation is coming, I initially assumed this was the bump-fire stock ban, in which a minimum of hundreds of thousands of people will theoretically lose anywhere from 280,000 to 520,000 pieces of property to corrupt government acts.

But no.

South Africa is just about set to steal land from white farmers because whites are not allowed in SA anymore. (Almost) South Africa white farmers crisis: This IMPORTANT date could change South Africa FOREVER.

The date in question for South Africa is March 31, 2019, which might add to the confusion, since our ban was formally published in the Federal Register on December 26, 2018. 90 days after that (when the ban proper goes into effect) is March 26, 2019.

Pretty close coincidence. And yes, I do equate the South African and American government thefts. Both establish precedents that the government can take whatever it wants, whenever it wants, and doesn’t even have to make a token payment. In South Africa, it’s farms. In America, it’s toys.

For now. It’s a precedent. What might our benevolent government decide we don’t need next? Yes, a semiauto ban could be on the horizon. But why limit the precedent to firearms?

Anyone remember a guy named Gore, who planned to outlaw internal combustion? Take a look at the Green New Deal being pushed by incoming Democrats.

I will admit that the SA and American thefts differ in a key aspect. The South Africans formally (if rather corruptly) amended their constitution to make their theft “legal.”

In America, the ATF simply (and rather corruptly) wrote a new rule. No amendment, legislation, or rational rationale required. Just language games.

How crazy is it that the South Africans stealing land are paying more lip service to law than the United States?

Stroke of the pen, law of the land. Kinda cool.


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2 thoughts on ““Expropriation””

  1. I have watched this event in South Africa with curiosity. I remember when I was younger, and I found out that the white minority ruled the nation, over the much larger black population. Then, after I looked into it a tiny bit, I found out why, and understood how the nation over there worked, and the white population was responsible for most investment and jobs in the whole country.
    Of course, Nelson Mandela and his ex-wife were considered heroes of the black population over there. Until you take a look at what they did and who they supported, with the ANC. And how Winnie’s favorite punishment was the rubber tire necklace, putting a tire over the person’s head, filling it with gasoline, and lighting it afire. Real nice woman.
    I try to not be racist. But I have to remember that black South African people are not the same as black people in Western nations.
    I predict that their economy is going to tank within 10 years, probably less. If they can’t feed their people, and have to import food, it is going to bankrupt a nation that is already on shaky ground.

  2. George Washington was a criminal; Adolf Hitler was not.
    GW engaged in treason and revolt against the legitimate state and legal system.
    AH changed the law to legalize his actions before proceeding.
    So, does compliance with THE LAW comport with what is right and wrong?

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