Firearm Companies Bump NRA Following Bump Stock Ban
“We’ve decided to put our money where our beliefs are,” started the Instagram post made by Blue Alpha Gear. The tactical and EDC belt company, along with suppressor cover maker, Cole-TAC, co-announced on social media they were pulling out of the 148th NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits scheduled for April 26-28, 2019 in Indianapolis, Indiana.
“Today we’re canceling our booth reservation at the National Rifle Association show and instead we’re donating that $1,350 to [the] Firearms Policy Coalition so they can use it to fight for the 2nd Amendment,” the post continued. Cole-TAC made their own post echoing the message of Blue Alpha Gear and further criticizing the political lobbying organization for failing to stand “as a champion in stopping or changing new policy.” Policies such as the recent ban of bump stocks, of which the NRA openly supported.

Well done!

Hat tip to David Codrea.


2 thoughts on “Outstanding!”

  1. Personally, I think bump stocks are a waste of time and ammo.

    Politically, banning bump stocks is an awful precedent and needs to be fought.

  2. I view bump stocks like I view beets. I have no use for either, but do not wish to prevent others from having and enjoying them.

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