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Nevada Legislative Alert

Nevada Firearms Coalition
NVFAC Urgent Alert

When the current legislature was elected, a majority of the members as well as the governor were of the same party which had made anti gun legislation promises during their campaigns. We knew we were in for a tough fight to protect our rights, but we felt we would be entitled to have the regular legislative process in place.

Yesterday we learned that the majority party is suspending the rules of the legislature by announcing a bill late in the day on Monday February 11th and then having a joint hearing on the bill the very next day. We also learned that a Bloomberg group had been notified earlier and is planning a demonstration on the day of the hearing. All this was done in secret to keep the Second Amendment supporters in the dark and preventing public testimony that would be contrary to their gun control efforts.

This process cannot be tolerated in a Constitutional Republic. Please let your legislators know that you do not approve of this tactic and request that the regular rules of the legislature be immediately restored. Also go to our web page at www.nvfacpac.org and sign up for our legislative alerts.

The hearing for this bill will be held at 8 am on February 12 in Carson City and the Grant Sawyer Building in Las Vegas. The hearing will be one hour for pro testimony, one hour for con testimony, one hour for neutral testimony and then public testimony. NVFAC and NRA-ILA will be testifying at the Con testimony. You are urged to attend and testify at the “public comment” session which will start after the neutral testimony. If you are able to attend but can’t or don’t want to testify, please sign in under the “opposed” category. Numbers count and you are important.