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[UPDATE] School Shootings

So Shannon TWatts was mouthing off about school shootings again, after the LA middle school shooting. She claimed:

This is the 14th American school shooting in 2018

Someone replied, asking for a list of those shootings, And TWatts told her to Google “Everytown school shootings”. She couldn’t be bothered to provide a link.

So I searched it and found that “Everytown” list. It lists “school shootings” but doesn’t provide links. Per Everytown,

Consistent with expert advice and common sense, Everytown uses a straightforward, fair, and comprehensive definition for a school shooting: any time a firearm discharges a live round inside a school building or on a school campus or grounds, as documented by the press and, when necessary, confirmed through further inquiries with law enforcement or school officials.

I checked on the shootings they list.

Two suicides (one only coincidentally on school grounds), one negligent discharge by a cop, two shots from off campus that hit buildings with no injuries, two drive-bys from off campus with no injuries, one drive-by off campus with no injuries, one shot at 1AM at an “event venue” on an extended college campus, four under-age students shooting students, and one guy killed “near” a school.

So 29% of Everytown’s “school shootings” don’t even meet their own definition of “school shooting.” Some clearly had nothing to do with “school” other than happening on campus well after hours, typically by non-students entering the grounds. One was a freaking cop authorized to have that gun. They had to include a shooting that didn’t involve students, faculty, or school grounds; “near.” Of the shootings that met Everytown’s own definition, most shooters were breaking existing laws in even possessing firearms. Virtually all broke existing laws in bringing the gun on campus.

Real school shootings are a bad thing. They should be addressed, fixed, ended. But inflating the numbers with other incidents is panic-mongering, and shrouds and distorts the facts of real school shootings.

Added, 2/7/2018: They have a couple more! Let’s see what there is to see…

Maybe schools should be cop-free zones. That’s twice in a month.

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