I thought stealing “Never Again” was bad enough

For someone shrieking “Never Again!” he sure seems to want it to happen again.

If you must wear something, I suggest THIS, in hopes the little bastards might catch on to exactly what they’re demanding.

Added: The armband was so far over the top, that I checked other sources. But if anyone has data showing that it was fake, let me know. Some of the links showing it to be legitimate include:

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2 thoughts on “I thought stealing “Never Again” was bad enough”

  1. I thought that I would never laugh at a symbol of oppression and hatred. That such a symbol that brought memories of genocide and horror to so many could ever bring a chuckle to anyone. Then I saw this knucklehead with this on his shirtsleeve and I couldn’t help myself but to bust out a laugh. My thought was that this kid was pictured dressed up for some Halloween event from last year, and then it dawned on me that he was being serious. I try real hard not to hate anyone, and I am usually quite successful at it. However, this kid/actor is beginning to wear on my nerves, kind of like Katie Perry or Taylor Swift. There are all three no talent hacks who insert themselves into the mainstream in order to make money off the backs of those who have no common sense. The unfortunate thing about this Hogg kid is that he is causing trouble with our nation, while the singers only cause headaches and nausea. Won’t somebody please make it stop?

  2. Just like the NAZI’s of old, to rally the troops you got to have someone to hate, but for some reason however methinks hating the unarmed Jews of the 1930’s will have been much easier than the armed gun owners of this century.

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